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really not doing well :-(


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ive not been around for a day or 3, been readin but not posting!

im really not doing well sticking to cd at the moment, my will power seems to have will-powered off!! ive put on 1lb, and i just cant get back into the swing of it and have no idea why, well i do, im greedy, want the taste of food, but dont want anything to eat if you get what i mean...

head shake, kick up the backside well and truly needed i think, its saturday, i have 4 full days to stick to it and get back into it before wednesdays weigh in, if i dont stick to it today then i'll give up because im just wasting cdc time and my money for me being a failure:sigh:.. im so annoyed with myself..

i seemed to of got through the 1st week, lost 8lbs then given up, saw yey i lost 8lb i dont need to do it anymore...

head shake coming up!!
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it's easy to think that way but you do need to follow it though. just wipe it all off the slate and start again. if you need to eat then choose foods on the ss+ list like chicken, tuna, egg, coattage cheese etc it might help you to move to the ss+ or 810 as you know you'll get your meal to satisfy your mouth.


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Know just how you feel I've been exactly the same this last week, I'm fine all day at work but when I get home my will power goes and I've been snacking :( don't know why.

But going to get back on track, we can do this


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S: 15st4.5lb C: 15st4.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks guys...

im back on it now, 1pint down lots to go, but i NEED to do this for myself, not for anyone else. i KNOW i can do it, i just need to get the brain to get to the same place and its slowly catching up..
its not even 'food' i want, its rubbish, sweets, fast food, crap...i cant believe how much i used to cave in and eat all day long, grazing etc etc...

onwards and upwards etc etc.. im going to log in on and off all day for motivation!! be prepared to be bombarded with posts!!


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It's all perfectly normal. Your brain is having a fight with you at the moment and behaving like a fractious child and demanding food that will help it stay the same weight/put weight back on. At the beginning of CD you sit there thinking 'I still want to eat, nothing has changed, I am never going to solve this problem, oh I am a failure, I may as well just go face down in a bowlful of trifle and inhale'. When you think this, IT IS STARTING TO WORK!!!

Listen to the thoughts, write them down, make a note of when you think them. But no - you don't need to eat. The first port of call is not eating something, it is letting your body and brain have the time and space to think about food, away from food. Just take it a day at a time and keep focused on your next weigh in for the first few weeks.

When you think you're failing, it is just your brain trying to trick you out of the diet, thank those thoughts but tell them that you're okay and you'll get through this. Cos you will. I'm a human pacman off Cambridge and for the first 4 weeks I had to imagine I was eating to get through it - I felt like a failure too. I didn't eat though - and now I'm nearly 4 stone down 3 months later.


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loved chapter 2 of the 100 days to weight loss : do it ANYWAY she says...committment versus interest...just tell yourself you do it no matter what. It's like making breakfast for your kids, or cleaning your house before guest's arriving, or meeting a deadline at work, you just do it and go on with your life. Hope that helps. It helps me a lot.
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hun the first week is hard but you need to have a postive attitude to do this hun. tell yourself i am gonna do this i'm gonna look fab and keep that in your mind all the time.


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I also feel it's quite difficult to stick to when you aren't massively overweight to start with, which from your stats, you aren't! Don't get me wrong, I'm not for one minute saying that it's easier for those with loads to lose, it absolutely is not. What I mean is, that large loss in the first week leaves you feeling great and you might start to relax a bit because already you may have lost something like a quarter of what you need to lose....in just one week amazingly! It kinda gives you a false sense of security if you see what I mean?
Anyway, you seem to have found your willpower again in your last post......where was it by the way? ;)
You know it's just a case of getting through day 1, then day 2, then the next day and so on. Never was there a truer phrase than ' take one day at time'. That's all you can do.....and you know you can do it because you've done it before.
Good luck


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S: 15st4.5lb C: 15st4.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
well im on it again!!

waters going down, not very well but im drinking it anyway!! 2 shakes down 1 to go which i'll have later.. got a headache at the minute but thats down to kids, you'd think they're kiddies, but they're not, there 16 and 18yrs old!!! who said it gets easier tells lies lol!!

anyway back on it today, and im determined to stick to it!

thank you so much for all your replies, you wouldnt believe how much you've helped me today..


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Good luck with it! You obviously want to do it...so you WILL succeed :)


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Good luck! You can do it :) I have been trying to restart this week but failed twice already. Going to keep trying though until I crack it!


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It's all perfectly normal. Your brain is having a fight with you at the moment and behaving like a fractious child and demanding food that will help it stay the same weight/put weight back on.
Agree completely Cerulean!

A friend of mine who went to a therapist to help her quit smoking, told her the analogy of... your inner child is craving sweets and keeps on having tantrums that you are not giving them what they want. Do you give in to the tantrums? No. So what are you going to do...?

This thought completely helped me with this diet! I hope it helps?! x

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