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Really not sure about my LLC

I've just been for my second pop-in and I'm really not sure I see the point in them! I literally walked in, got handed a ketostick so I could rush to the loo as I was bursting (and someone walked in on me 'cos I forgot to lock the door so that was nice!), showed her the red stick, jumped on the scales and then left - hardly seemed worth me making the journey!
I've only lost a very pathetic 1.1lb since Monday night (but making an ok 9.7lb in total in 10 days) and I'm sure my LLC thinks I've cheated (needless to say I haven't in the slightest - haven't even sniffed any food - the joys of living on my own in a house with no food in it!) She asked me if I'd been drinking water and I said of course and she 'are you sure you're drinking the 4 litres' as if she didn't believe me!
I think I'm just a bit wary of a woman who is at the biggest - a size 8 and has apparently always been tiny - she makes me feel really nervous for some reason and believe me - I am so not the kind of person to feel intimidated by anyone!

Anyway - just thought I'd vent my thoughts - always makes me feel better!

MM x
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Hi MM,

The simple fact about weight loss is that we all lose weight differently.

9.7lbs. in ten days is very good and with the guide lines of around one stone a month, looks like your getting there no bother.

As for drinking the water, I think she was just making sure as it is very important on a vlcd.

From what I gather a pop in is just that, you pop in and get weighed.

We all have our off days and perhaps this was one of hers. Hang in there and give it some time and see how it goes.

The main thing is for you to stick with it and see those pounds drop off:)

Love Mini xxx


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Hiya Missy,
was your stick very dark? Some people even tho they are drinking 4 litres of water still show the darker side of ketosis on the stick. Perhaps she meant that????

Well done on your near enough 10lb off to date - great stuff :D
Yeah you're probably right Geri - my stick was quite a dark red despite me drinking what feels like the whole of the English channel!
And 9.7lbs is just about a 1lb a day so that is okay I reckon

MM x


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It can be hard figuring out your group dynamic - one of the earlier DVDs goes through this (one of the few useful bits!) I generally find the first time you all laugh at the exercise section together the real ice breaker ;)

LLCs on LL come i all shapes and sizes and histories. There are several people on here that have gone through the mill with their LLCs and some have even had to change - I'm not saying that will happen to you - but of your reservations continue into week 4 and 5 make sure you pipe up here (and in extreme cases direct with your LLC and or LL head office) and you'll find someone with a similar experience who can tell you what they did here and hopefully appropriate support from LL and your LLC.

MY LLCs assistant once asked me if I'd stuck to it because I'd only lost 0.1 KG which was just silly and my LLC would have been mortified if I'd mentioned what she'd said - if it troubles you being accused of cheatng, learn to practice a little bit of assertion in a safe environment 'Thanks for the feedback, but as you get to know me, you'll understand that I find being asked if I've followed the programme correctly very demotivating. I will tell you myself if I have a problem or query'

You will also learn soon that you are allowing your rebellious child to try to find reasons for you not to continue - it's not a conscious choice, but you will learn to let your adult respond in these situations in future. Your reaction was perfectly natural - and the earlier meetings are chaotic and just a chance for you to go and raise any concerns and even chat to your 'colleagues' about what's going on - it's weird when you first start as despite maybe telling your close friends what you're doing they really can't possibly understand exactly what physical and mental changes you're going through so sometimes it's nice to just give someone else a friendly nod of recognition and go 'blimey this is hard work isn't it?' Some of the early meetings seem a little irrelevant to people who join Minis as you are already getting positive strokes ad extra info here - but don't forget that your real life group can be just as powerful as a support tool. Every group is different - so this is just my perspective - you're going great guns - congratulations!
Great advice from Sarah.

I would just add that you say your LLC has always been tiny. Does that mean she hasn't done the programme?

Obviously it is not a pre-requisite and some people can be effective LLCs even if they've never had a weight problem BUT I would personally find it difficult to open up about my issues with a person like that.

Re: water - my LLC was always telling me to drink more water because my ketostix was dark but I was definitely drinking at least 4 litres - went up to 6 at one point and it was still dark.


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Sandra - you just must be a lean, mean fat burning machine ;)
Thanks everyone - its always nice to know other people understand whether I'm coming from!

Sandra - yes my LLC has apparently always been tiny and so hasn't done the programme - someone told me she did do it for 10 days though just so she could see what it was like (I think any more than that would probably cause her to fade away to nothing!)

And Sarah - I think every time I see my stick go a lovely shade of dark red from now on - I shall think of myself as a lean mean fat burning machine!

MM x


One Day at a Time
My Sticks really dark and I drink 5 1/2 litres a day - is this OK - my LLC dodn't seem to concerned - but then she didn't really mention it at all either way?


has started again!!
Someone in our class always has a dark stick, and she drinks at least 5 litres a day. Thats just how it is. I, on the other hand, have never had a dark stick and often there is no colour at all, even when I know I have not cheated!

Our LLC accepts that different folks show their ketones in different ways, and other than advising what else can she do? She is never accusatory, just a gentle nudge in the right direction if she feels it is needed!

As the others have said, go with the flow, but if it continues to be tough, you have options!!

I wish I was a lean mean fat burning machine!!! WOW!!

My LLC hasn't done the programme, we all feel so great on it that she keeps joking she must try it herself.

Give her a chance, you have only just met her and spent a few hours of your time with her. I was a bit unsure of my LLC but I think she's really great now, despite the fact she accuses me of not drinking enough water every week!

You'll feel the love as soon as your feel-good factor increases and the weight is falling off you, LOL
Its hard when you dont feel confident in your LLC but just because she is skinny it doesnt mean she cant be an effective councellor - along the same lines as a brain surgeon doesent have to have had brain surgery kind of thing! Try to focus on your journey rather than on the relationship with the LLC. Noone is perfect & you arent necc going to be best buddies with your LLC but that should not make a difference to your journey IYKWIM! This is time for YOU and it doesent matter what others think; if you know hand on heart that you've not cheated then thats enough! Just go a day at a time, sort any wheat from chaff & use the time to learn about yourself & leave others to their own journey, whether large or small! Big hugs & well done on great weight loss so far!

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