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Extra Easy really really angry at myself ='[


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S: 10st9lb C: 8st10lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 1st13lb(18.12%)
:( im so pissed off with myself i lost 3 lb last weigh in on thursday and ive just binge eaten like crazy past two days. i really feel like crying to b honest . i had chocloate and chips and icecream and now i feel so sad. i feel like i let myself down all the while. i wighed 9stone 13lb on thursday and then weighed myself today and i was 10stone 4 lb =[ god im so stupid really hate myself now im a big fat mess. =[ xxxxxxxxx
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Hiya Hun, you're not stupid!

We have all these moments. I think sometimes we rebel being good. Secondly please don't take any notice of your mid week weigh in.

You've just made a boo boo but you only fail when you give up!

Draw a line __________ take a deep breath and forgive yourself.

Just concentrate on getting back on the plan one meal/ one day at a time. Have the syns you want/need within your allowance.

You can pull it back and start to feel better x x
I did this last week. My weigh in is a Thursday and I spent the weekend binging and when weighing myself I had put on the same as you have. I got back on plan(sort off) and ended up with a 2lb gain but I know I can get back on track. We all have these days, if healthy eating was easy we'd all thin and happy with our weight


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Dont talk about yourself like that!! Everyone falls off the wagon every now and then... Im only 3 weeks into my plan so Ive not hit that point yet (even though I had a naughty slice of homemade bread and butter today) but hey.. Just take a deep breath, and forget about it!! Its in the past and I know you can move on from this!!

I wish I could say I weighed 10st 4lbs :-| haha... 10 stone is my target weight!!

Good luck and if you need a chat, email me on [email protected] or add me on facebook laurel-amy tomlinson


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Don't beat yourself up about this. It's called living life! You are allowed the occasional 'off' day - just make sure you can draw a line under it and get straight back onto plan. :D x
Dont beat yourself up, it happens to the best of us at some point or other. And as for home weighing, if you're gouing to group I eouldnt recommend it. Our body fluctuates daily so the scales are not always a true reflection. Pick yourself up hun and get back on track x


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Everybody has bad days, you're only human. You can't change the past. We all need to make mistakes to learn from them. Good luck with the rest of your weightloss! You will get there!


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Hi Vicki, So how are things now? Have you moved on and managed to get back on track with a big smile and plenty of vigour!
No amount of angst is going to turn back the clock so let's keep to the good old motto!

Onwards and Downwards!!..:)


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S: 10st9lb C: 8st10lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 1st13lb(18.12%)
thanks everyone sorry didnt reply lasy night was feeling sorry for myself so went to bed early lol. yeah im feeling bit better going to go out and buy a load of veg and fruit and base everythinng round that for a week so have least sins as possible lol. also going to do hannah waterman (not literally!) for every night as i didnt do any exercise past two days i just sat and ate . think it was a bit of rebeling cos i had done so well and saw all my family eating yummy stuff and thought why cant i! then i remember becos they are happy with their weight and im not, so at least i wont b doing it again. thank you xxx
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good for you im in the same boat this week but people on here have helped me stay positive and you have plenty of time to turn it round if you stick to plan and do a bit of exercise, id say goo luck but im pretty sure you wont need it:D


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S: 10st9lb C: 8st10lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 1st13lb(18.12%)
thanks hun, good luck to you too. thing is i didnt even enjoy the chips etc really! made me sick all the grease, so now i know at least. =] xxxxx

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