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Really really nervous about tonight


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I admit it - I have been off the wagon for about 10 days - I did have 3 good days in the middle of it but a mix of pmt, a stinky cold, star week and some family 'stuff' have equalled a very bad (but v v yummy!) mix of pizza, wine, whisky, chocolate, puddings and yet more wine!!

Just with everything, my head hasn't been in the right space to be eating right. I start off every day with the right intentions - yesterday I had healthy breakfast, lunch, then my mid afternoon snack I got a banana from the fruit bowl, then remembered we had fudge in the cupboard and teeth rotting fat & sugaryness won over healthy banana!! :p

I really feel like giving up at the moment - not giving up completely but not going to back to class at least. But DH is encouraging me to keep going, he said if I do that I will just be angry at myself and get depressed again about giving up. Who knew that after 9 years he would know me better than I know myself!! :rolleyes: He is such a star - never moans about eating SW food, and even made the potato & spinach bake from the magazine the other day.

So biting the bullet and going back to class - expecting a gain of about 2 or 3 lb to be honest. We are away for a city / spa break next weekend and would really love to just be feeling healthy and non-bloated by then if I can. I know 2 solid weeks of SW 100% makes me feel 150% better in my skin!

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Definitely go back, if you dont a small gain now could end up being a bigger one in the next 3 months :eek:

The thing about losing weight is you have to work hard at it and every now and again we all have to face this dilema after a messed up week or 2, I had mine after 3 weeks on holiday, but you will get back on track if you want it bad enough.

"Weightloss is not for wimps :D"


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I really feel like giving up at the moment - not giving up completely but not going to back to class at least.
This is a slippery slope to gaining it all back again. So many times we see people on here who say this and then we never see them again.

I am with your DH- stick with class. Go and get weighed, face the music and move on, but move on with more determination and focus and you WILL get to your goal. You have to truly believe you can do this.



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Definitely go back to class! As everyone else has said - it's a slippery slope to gaining it all back (and maybe then some), but if you nip it in the bud now you're more likely to get back to it!


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I'm the same had a stinking cold all last week which meant my foods were not great and was not able to exercise at all.:( Coupled with a family party at the weekend. I reckon I had about 90 syns over the week but had a quick peek on my scales earlier and reckon I have put on about 4 pounds.:cry: I am going to go to class later so that I can start tomorrow on a fresh start IYKWIM. WIll report back later exactly how much I have gained.


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S: 13st3lb C: 13st3lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Went to the class tonight and I MAINTAINED!!! Woohoo!!

And I got a massive ego boost when two guys coming out of the pub where the group was said they didn't know why I was going! :) And when I told some of the girls what happened they said they agreed - I looked great :) So chuffed - makes me feel like all the hard work is worth it :)

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See...all that fretting and self-loathing for what? ;)
Sometimes we just need to come off plan for a little while to put other things in perspective..it doesnt make you a failure, just human Hun.
Glad to read that you are back 100% now though :)


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