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Really really really fed up now!!!


I want to be fitter again
Really fed up now !!!!
:( Does this always happen when you only have less than a stone left to lose?
I have been fighting with half pound on half pound off for 6 weeks now!!!! No change in weight for over a month. I've tried switching plans, changing hexs, drinking more water, eating all my syns/ less syns. Any help, advice words of wisdom greatly appreciated. I was so fed up after WI that I had only my 2nd takeaway since starting in May!!!:(:(:(:(:(
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Starting again!!
Your story reminded me of a woman at our class on Tuesday. She'd been fighting with the same half pound on and off, on and off even though she;d stuck to it and tried really hard. Last week she got so fed up she said '&^£$ it' and went out for 4 meals out. She lost 2.5lbs this week and was ecstatic.

Now I don't want you to necessarily go out for 4 meals (she knows she's got to be careful this week) but sometimes I think we're TOO good if you know what I mean. I'm not saying go all out and eat anything & everything, but we put so much pressure on ourselves and get so obsessed about it (I know I do!). Sometimes I think we (and our bodies) need to relax a little. The takeaway might have helped to be honest, but if you fancy other treats then I'd say go for it.

Also your body may be trying to tell you that you've reached your 'natural' target. Maybe 'try' to maintain for a while (until New Year?) and you'll probably find it dropping off you ;) (that also happened to a lady in our class!)
^^ Totally agree, sometimes having that time off as it where gives your body a kick...

- be strong, don't let yourself be disheartened.. don't forgot the progress youv already made, how far youv come. your doing so well.

- i have to tell you, iv started aquafit (£4 per class) and its soo good, and i think it super helps. I find any water sports shifts weight for me better than any other form of exercise.

just a thought x


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((hugs)) Rose. I know how horrible it is.
I was like that the first time I did SW and then decided to target as it was just too depressing.
I agree with others, perhaps you have been too good and the body needs a kick start.
Our C told us last night that she had been struggling with a pound for weeks. She had visitors and went out 3 nights running, drank copious amounts of alcohol and lost 2 pounds!! That, she said, made her think that perhaps she was not eating enough. Perhaps, that could be your case too?
For me, I have been a slow user but the last few weeks have been the best and I think it's probably because I am not over trying any more.
I do stick to the plan, but if I have a few more syns I don't fret and if I have less or a little more HEXas I don't give it a second thought. It's probably not the best SW advice to give but it works for me!
Good luck Rose. You are such a lovely lady and I so want you to be happy by shifting a few pounds!
I think everyone has said it all really. I know how depressing it is when all your hard work isn't giving you the results you want.
Maybe the takeaway will give you a boost.
I hope it starts shifting again for you soon xx


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I am having exactly the same problem....I've been losing a pound then gaining 1/2..for the last few months..
It does get really frustrating...I lost 3.5lb 2 weeks ago and put on 1.5 last week and 1/2 this week!!
I have come to the conclusion that my body will do what the hell it like whether I try to lose weight or not! lol.
My thinking has changed this week too..I am no longer in a rush to lose and when i gain get really dispondant...This is not a race and I am not competing with anyone....
If I go out I enjoy what I eat, I do choose carefully though...But it doesn't stop me from enjoying my night out....
I know sometime soon I may have to kickstart my losses, but for now I am happy ticking along...Hopefully I lose next week, but I will try not to be down if I don't....
It's so hard!!!!

Good luck to everyone
Hiya, just want to echo what Malaika,

when i was trying to hit target, i was trying so bloomin hard. i was 100% all of the time, spending so much money on fruit, avoiding social situations to avoid bad food, and i wasnt being rewarded with good weight loss.. i was so stressed and tence and it was all i could think about, and i started to loose my enthusiasum, i knew it worked.. sw always works, but i couldnt fingure out why this last 5 lbs was taking so long.. then one day, my c turned round to me and said, if you knew you had to spend the rest of your life avoiding social situations and being unhappy, just to constantly strive to lose those last few lbs, would i? or would i take the time to enjoy life, and acept myself as i am. .. what she said got me thinking, and that week i decided i would get to target when ever i did, but i sure aswell wasnt going to risk my happiness (and sanity! lol) for it. So i decided i was going to concentrate on just relaxing, and enjoying my days.. be on plan, but not to obsess.

Do you know what.
i didnt plan one single meal. I just took each meal as it came, with what i had, i was as good as i would have been, but those few extra syns.. so what. im happy..

and in that week i lost 3lbs. I didnt eat any extra fruit, i didnt exercise, i didnt drink any extra water, or plan any of my meals to the point of stresss..

and the following week i did the same.. and i lost 2lbs..

and i hit target, passed my driving test, and qualified as a hairdresser all on the same week, so when i went up to head office the following week for Young Slimmer of The Year 09, i could honestly, hand on heart.. stand up and say .. iv never been happier..

so when i came secound, even though i did feel the winner was the most deserving, ( and not because i felt i was either..) .. i knew i had won, because i could honestly say i LIKE me. I LOVE me. I'm HAPPY. and that, is what i was in this for, thats what i wanted.

So when i gain a lb here or there.. i dont stress.. because if i stress.. its not enjoyable, and you dont do somthing thats not enjoyable for life do you? sw for life.. so you might aswell enjoy it.

anyways, what im saying is, take a breath. tell yourself, your doing this right, so you cant change any of that.. you just need to relax.. xx


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I think I'm in the same boat, Brightonrosie. I lose and then put on or stay the same. I've only got a few lbs to go and I know that many would say I don't even need to lose them. But I believe I do. So I have been really really good for 6 weeks now, counting everything, aiming, though not always succeeding, to exercise every day. And for what? 2 kilos loss over 6 weeks. Yes, I know that's 4.5 lbs, but it has taken soooo much effort.

Even with weigh-in tomorrow, I just couldn't drum up the enthusiasm for my usual weekday breakfast of fruit salad and fat free fromage frais. I ate the fruit salad but just couldn't resist one of my oh's full fat greek yogurt with added toasted almonds and honey. Oh, I weighed and counted everything and it's cost me 11 syns, which I feel is a waste for breakfast. But heyho.

I wonder if I too should take Fern's advice and give myself a bit of slack. I mean, I never "binge". I sometimes go a little mad, but it's not like pizza or kfc or something (mind you, I probably would, if it was available here!) If I go over syns it's because I fancied a little extra cheese, or a slice of bread and butter or a handful of the lovely walnuts from my tree in the garden. I can't even remember the last time I had chocolate and I know there's a big bar in the cupboard.

I can be good. I have been good. But now I'm just a little sick of it. Maybe I'll try to hold out a little longer and cut loose for Christmas.
I know what you are going through. It took me 6 months to lose my last half stone and I tried it all.

I tried everything, Sucess Express did work but it's hard work. The best thing, go right back to basics, don't try too hard and just follow it. Read your book again and treat it like your first week. Eat lots. Eat lots and lots of free foods. Vary your meals and just pretend you've never done it before!

You may have done all these things so sorry if I'm no help, it's just this did work for me!

Good luck Rosie, it will come off. It has to!
I can empathise with you. When I returned from hols in September I'd lost 1lb, so happy, but since than that same darn lb has been on & off. Can't believe it, but the last couple of weeks I seem to have stopped gaining the 1lb.

I looked at this forum & saw people eating two hexa/b (I only ate 1 if at all), so I've made a point of eating both hex each day.

Because I have chocs & wine with MIL I just didn't have anymore syns during the week, thinking I'd eaten them all. I started adding them all up, which varies between 60-70 (in one night), now I can enjoy my glass of wine in the evening.

And I do feel more relaxed about my weight loss. I'm off on hols next week, me & OH going cycling, I'm going to eat within the plan but enjoy my wine & hopefully will come back with a loss.....well you never know:p

I hope this helps, but don't get despondent think about how well you have done & you know the rest will come off all in it's own time ;)


I want to be fitter again
All you people are so beautiful and kind. If it wasn't for you lot I would still be struggling and feeling dreadful. Your support is invaluable to me as i don't have "other half" to listen to me rant and moan. If i had a magic wand I would wave it over you all and grant you whatever you wanted. love you all. Rosie xxx


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Hugs and hugs

we are all in the same boat and all need as much help as is available.
One of the reasons I love this site is the help and love and genuine caring advice we get here!
Hope things get better for you and you get to your goal with no more stresses


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