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I am only on day 2, and i really cannot cope with the shakes. I have all 3 flavours and i cannot drink them without gagging. I have tried them hot and cold, with sweeteners, with coffee, all to no avail. This is making me want to give up. I have no problems with drinking the amount of water and i have not felt hungry at ANY point, but i cannot go through the next few months knowing that i can only have these shakes. I have been told that the chicken soup and the flapjacks are even worse. I appreciate that this diet really does work, but i am wondering if this is normal, and i should perservere, but i really cannot think of what else to do...

Any suggestions gratefully received x
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Actually the chicken soup and the peanut flapjacks are my favourite so perhaps they are worth a shot.

There's a thread somewhere called something like 'how to make your first week fly by' which lists loads of ways of making the shakes taste better.

For me, the chocolate has to be hot, made with peppermint tea and 3 sweetners whisked up with a hand blender

I'd try and stick with it, it IS worth it xx
Thank you for your reply Lisa.. I might ask my pharmacist to get me a soup and flapjack to try.. I have tried a few of the recipes but am worried that if i cannot drink it (like the hot choc i tried tonight, then i added a little coffee and it wasn't getting any better lol) i am going to upset the balance of the diet.. Is it ok to miss a shake?
I want to experiment more but am worried if i do not take it all i will not get enough of a weight loss to give me the incentive to carry on.
My husband is doing it as well and he is trying to help me, but he is coping a lot better than me.
I also seem to have a problem with the smell.. Is that normal or is it just me?
Sorry to go on, but i really want to stick at this but am waning fast! x


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I reckon you'll get used to it in a couple more days.

How much water are you adding? My first couple of shakes were vile but then I cut the water to in between half and 3 quarters of a pint and they tasted much better. I add even less water to the soup to make it seem more like normal soup.

I do know how you feel, I've been sick to the back teeth of them recently but I find that usually I'll have a couple of days where all I can think of is packing it in followed by a few days where it doesn't bother me at all.
I'm not one of the amazing people who find this diet easy peasy and I've stuck at it so far so I reckon you can too!


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I make a cup of strong black coffee and leave it for about ten minutes then I blend it on the milk shake setting on my blender which blends it for about 4 minutes. I find it tastes like mocha and I really do enjoy it x
I'm only on my 4th day so far but have laready noticed the shakes tasting better than they did on day one. I think you really do get used to them!

Do try the chicken soup too, it's ptobably my favourite (but only with a little black pepper added).

Keep at it - you can do this!
Thank you for the support .. Have had my vanilla one, and just held my nose and gulped it!! lol

I will get the pharmacist to get me a chicken soup to try.

Lisa, i add 1/2 a pint of water to my shakes, but i am sure after my 1st weigh in i will get a bit more motivation.

The people on these forums have been great, so thank to all of you x


Here we go again!
I really do hope you grow to love the shakes, most of us do. The first few days I find them really bland but now my choc one tastes really chocolatey and I really enjoy the strawberry one mixed up for breakfast, I add really cold water and make sure it's really mixed well and quite frothy.

Hope you get to like the shakes cos this diet really will work wonders for you. Good luck!!
Hi Su,
Hang in there luv, try and think of them as your medication, something to help you get better, rather than something that should be enjoyed. I blend mine with LOADS of ice and drink through a straw....you will grow to tolerate them, your sense of taste/smell will change.
C'mon, were are all rooting for you!
Thank you all for your encouragement.. I was all ready to give it up yesterday, i felt like a toddler having a tantrum! lol...

I decided to see how i felt today before i delved into normal food, and i decided to weigh myself at home.. I am soooo glad i did.. I have lost 4lbs in 3 days, which made me realise it is worth carrying on. (have tried not to think about the fact that my scales won't necessarily mirror the pharmacy ones. lol)

Good for you girl - way to go.

Its def worth it but it is tough the first few day or so. I drink my shake in a wine glass!!! Its purely psychological but it makes me enjoy it more.

I love the chicken soup - how sad is that!! I didnt know you could add black pepper. I would love that but are we sure its ok to do so?
Hiya, try the following, perhaps one of the variations might help:

Chocolate shake:
- as hot choc add very hot water (cca 0.4 litre) & whisk it
- on a hot day as a cold shake - add 6-7 ice cubes, shake a lot & it's veeeery nice
- add hot coffee into lukewarm shake
- (my fave) make cold shake with ice & add hot coffee
- (my total fave - I eat this ALL the time now!) - make a mouse by adding only a bit of water to the powder & whisking it (I love mine quite runny, but after few times am sure you'll find your own texture)
- some people make mint tea, let it cool down & then make a shake with it

- hot shake as above
- cold shake with ice as above
- you can also make mouse but I find it too salty
- (my fave) make ice shake & add coffee

Chicken soup:
- (I only eat it max once a week) I use very hot water, cca 0.4 liters & whisk really well

Strawberry shake:
- I like this one best with ice cubes

Peanut butter flapjack (I tried the coconut one - not nice at all.....): - now this is an art in eating LOL
- every morning I have a ritual - I make a decaf (normally don't drink coffee) with 2 Splenda mints (normally yuck, I hate sweeteners but they are quite good with flapjacks), then I put my mug on a small plate and next to it the flapjack; I then very leisurely start breaking off tiny bits of flapjack & put each bit into a spoonful of coffee, wait a bit until the flapjack piece gets moist and then eat the spoonful - I reallllllllyyyyyyy really like this little ritual :) But am sure you'll find yours too !

Don't give up if the only issue is the taste & smell of the shakes. You really will get used to them :)))) Just experiment a bit & find what you can eat. For example, I find that putting ice cubes into shakes makes them taste the least so they're good on days when I don't really wanna taste them much ;-) All the best!

BTW - I don't think you can use black pepper cause it's not a herb
Thank you for the support .. Have had my vanilla one, and just held my nose and gulped it!! lol

I will get the pharmacist to get me a chicken soup to try.

Lisa, i add 1/2 a pint of water to my shakes, but i am sure after my 1st weigh in i will get a bit more motivation.

The people on these forums have been great, so thank to all of you x
Have you tried drinking them through a straw? i found i gagged a bit if i tried to gulp them down but through a straw its fine,makes drinking them so much easier.worth giving it a go,i know other people also use the same trick.xx
That's a brilliant idea Donnac.. I will try that in a minute for my next one. Thank you x

Yummymummy- I emailed lipotrim about chicken soup with black pepper and this is what i got back:

Subject: RE: Lipotrim TFR
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2010 11:48:22 +0100
From: [email protected]

It is not a good idea to add anything at all. It can make you more hungry than you need to be and could slow your weight loss. Some people get away with it, but most do not.

Hope that helps x
Thanks for checking that out su, I don't want to break my no hunger phase for a bit of pepper. I havent added anything yet as I (luckily) like the shakes. Hopefully you are slurping down your shake just now and liking it!

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