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Really Really Struggling.

S: 17st0lb C: 16st7.5lb G: 14st4lb Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.73%)
At what point do I say sensibly that this is not for me?

I am really struggling to eat all my food packs. This morning I have a vanilla shake for breakfast, then had it in reverse 2 mins later. I can't seem to keep them down at all. I've been drinking water all day. I'm feeling no where near as ill and fluish that I was last week.

I've just had a banana because I needed something to take the taste out my mouth, and to try and settle my tummy.

Is there some people that this is just not suited to?
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Hi Rachel,

When you say you are struggling to eat all of your food packs, what exactly do you mean?

Is it because your not hungry or is it the taste?

Love Mini xxx
S: 17st0lb C: 16st7.5lb G: 14st4lb Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.73%)
I think it's a bit of both. I've always eaten fresh prepared food, never in my life have I had a cup-a-soup or an instant shake or anything like that. I can't stand the taste of any of them. I've tried several different ways of making them that people have suggested but none of them making it any better. I'm now at the point where even making them up is mking me feel really sick, and making myself eat them is resulting in them not staying down.

I've had no appitite, and I think it must just be because I know the only thing I'm allowed is a shake or a soup.

Deb G

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Experiment with cooking the packs. Make crisps and muffins and biscuits and cheesecakes!!! Muffins have kept me sane these past few weeks when I was starting to get bored of mousse and shakes. Thai Chilli crisps have been a staple part of my diet from the start, but choc muffins add a whole new dimension! Give them a go!

I told myself I'd give it four weeks before I made a decision if I would carry on or not. After week one was over I never looked back, and its become a real way of life for me now!

Chin up - and try cooking some packs - you won't regret it!


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S: 18st2lb C: 16st3.5lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 1st12.5lb(10.43%)
Hi Rachel,

I've had no appetite, and I think it must just be because I know the only thing I'm allowed is a shake or a soup
The lack of appetite comes from being in ketosis and some do struggle to take all three packs but this is essential to the diet and your health.

The strong taste of vitamins and minerals is stomach churning for those who are very sensitive, strangely it can be an indication that you are actually lacking in those vitamins and minerals.

Have you tried drinking a glass of water before you take your shake as this helps to dilute the taste.

Also, instead of wasting a whole bag if it comes up again...

It would be better to split a pack in two and make one mini half up fresh and keep the other for latter on. Always make up your shakes fresh and never keep them longer than fifteen minutes.

I am sure you have noticed that some flavours go down better than others and it would be best to stick to those you like to begin with...later on try them again and you may find you like them.

Deb has giving some good ideas also that are worth a try.

I know it is hard to believe the way your feeling now that you might one day actually like your diet milkshake but it does happen.

I threw up the soups and and flapjacks when I first started.

Love Mini xxx


Happily pro pointing!
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Not everybody can take the shakes or soups as they were meant.
I couldn't drink the vanilla shake as directed.
I mix it with 100ml of cold water until really frothy, mix 2 spoons of coffee with 2 sweeteners with hot water then mix the 2 together and top up with hot water to 500ml, it is a very nice big latte, and I am now addicted. It is the only shake I had until last week.
The chocolate shake packs make good muffins, but I have to mix a couple of sweeteners with the hot water before mixing the pack in.
I have only just got into these, thanks to DebG.

The soups I can take, but as suggested already, they do make nice crisps.
The 'fondant' type bars make nice biscuits, especially the lemon ones, and the crispy nut bars are very good.

I guess you could make the soup packs into a type of savoury scone in the same way as a muffin, haven't tried that, but might be good.

I was a bit worried about the packs to start with, but I think it is a case of seeing what you like and how you can take them. Your tastes change over the weeks too.
Everyone in my group has had to experiment a bit.
Personally I would try and give it another week or so, you were poorly last week which didn't help.
Hope you can sort it out, it would be a shame for you to stop when you had a good loss last week.
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I'd give it 4 weeks too if you can, as long as they're not making you vomit or anything as then you're not getting the nutrients at all.

Before giving up the idea of a VLCD completely though I'd try Cambridge if you really can't do LL as they're soups are different, there are more choices and they have ready made shakes in tetra paks that you may find you can drink.

Good luck with it!
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I tried made a muffin today based on the way Deb G posted she did it, and it was good! Its nice to have things you can chew.

Deb - if I can ask, what is the recipe for mousse - you mentioned a Chocolate Muffin with Strawbberry mousse, ut I could not find how to make the mousse.

But the muffin was surprisingly good, so thanks for that!

There is a lady Rachael in one of the other groups where I go to - she stopped in at our popin to get some shakes and said all she liked was the chocolate shake, so thats all she ate for 4 months, and it got her through. If you find one or two you llike, you can stick with them. Then maybe as you get used to it you can introduce the other flavours and may find you can tolerate them then.

Good luck!!
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I am now on my third week, I couldn't stand the Chocolate shake in the first two weeks, but I saw a thread that said add a sweetner to it, now it's my favourite one !! Sounds silly but I notice my taste changing weekly. Some of the soups I liked to start with now I don't really fancy any of them.

You do need to mix them around a bit. Making one foodpack into something really helped me in the first week.

Try to give it a little longer it does get easier, keep us posted on your progess !

S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Also, this may sound silly, but I do believe we are influenced subconsciously by our thoughts....so if you try telling yourself they are not so bad and you enjoy them, that might help to. Power of positive thought and all!!

Good luck! let us know what you decide!


Back to the grindstone!!
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I was worried the first week as I tried a lot of the shakes and really didn't like them. I was struggling to keep them down too but I persevered and found a couple I liked. I practically live on the mushroom soup and I always have a choc muffin last thing. They have kept me sane.
I think your thoughts do have a big impact on how you see the packs so try to think that you will enjoy them and see how it goes. You do need to take 4 packs a day though to get all your vitamins and nutrients. Have you tried the bars yet?


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Hi - I had the same problem at the start. I hate processed food and artificial sweetener - it was the one thing that almost stopped me doing LL.

Don't think of them as food or meals. Think of them as medicine. Eat them in tiny doses.

The vomiting may be because you are so well into ketosis that your body is finding them too rich (some people suffer terrible runs as a result of this richness). My LLC's advice to people who had this issue was to split them into smaller amounts and take a bit at a time.

Put it this way - if you were in hospital and being 'treated' for obesity so you could have a life saving op in the quickest time possible, this is the way you would be treated in a severe case. That's what got me through the yucky bits. That and not minding the mushroom soup so much (don;t go near the veg though - I don;t know what goes in it but it's not natural!) one thing that might help if you like fresh ground black pepper is getting a good quality peppercorn and grinder so that at least an element of your food tastes 'natural'

Other than that, all I can say is in about 20 weeks you'll be almost free of the packs and able to eat fresh, natural food again. And be slim.

Hope that helps.

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