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Really stggling to get back on track

I really need help to get back on track.I was doing so well untill 10 days ago.We went for a day out and at lunch time I had a cornish pasty as there was not a lot of food choices
No meat just preheated snack food.
Well it went from bad to worse.Lost it in work and ate 3 bounty bars!!!.
I have tried to get back on track and have a protein breakfast and lunch but by 3pm I am craving sweet stuff,have a really bad headache then cave in.I am angry with myself but dont seem to be able to control it.
Lots of family problems as well at the moment.
Help any advice please.
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It can be really difficult Cathy, those carb binges kick off all sorts of cravings. You need to sit down and have a good think about how well you felt on Atkins and how good it was for you love. get the head right first.
if chocolate is your down fall why not try taking some atkins chocolate or diabetic bars to work just to get you over the hump till your back on a strcit plan
I used to have an Atkins choc bar every day when I was doing celebrity slim, they were amazing!

My current sweet fix is sugar free jelly, yuuum!

Just think how much better having Atkins food is than tfr stuff!! The tfr you would be telling the Atkins you that you were very lucky getting to EAT!!!

Good luck!! Xx
Try and prepare in advance if you are not sure there will be suitable food, make something to take with you and try not to carry money if at all possible so you are not tempted by anything bad.
Hope your family problems get sorted soon.
Bren xx
A Big Tank you to you all for taking the time to answer my post
Im feeling sorry for myself my eldest son and his partner have split up and she is threatening to take the two little boys away so he wont be able to see them.He is a devoted dad and is now staying with us.We had the two little ones here all weekend and my heart is breaking seeing him so upset.
He knows we are there for him but it doesnt take his pain away.
So yet again my emotions are controlling me.Comfort eating with cakes biscuits and crisps.
I must tryto overcome my emotions or I will just put back the weight I have lost.
Thank you all for your support.
Oh Hun that's awful. I can't understand how some parents can try and stop the other from seeing their children however bitter they may be (without good reason of course)

I really hope that they can come to some kind of agreement for everyones sake.

Do the best you can, food isn't going to fix this or comfort you for more than 5 mins but don't be too hard on yourself either.

Big hugs xxxx
An all too familiar story I'm afraid, I hate it when women do that to their children's fathers.
Thank you for your kind words.I have given myself a good talking too and have managed to stay on track for two days.I had put a 1lb on this week so 2lb in the last two weeks.
I am trying to keep positive and not give in to my cravings as I know it will be a slippery slope.Had headaches again yesterday but just went to bed early,hopefully they will pass soon.
Thanks again for your support it really helps.
I agree with Fisherman. In the evening I have a sugar free jelly, and 1 chunk of diabetic chocolate.
Thanks I will get some sugar free jelly tomorrow,lovely with whipped cream.


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Hi Catthin

I'm so sorry to hear your family is having a hard time - it will get sorted, I'm sure, but hard living through it.

Would it help to focus back on all the things we used to think were so bad for us (cheese, bacon, fried eggs, jelly with cream, Atkins chocolate) and make them your "treat" and not just part of a diet?

I can comfort eat and drink for England and after a bad day at work last week, got in and wanted chips and gallons of wine to block out the problem and make myself 'feel better' - but managed to stop myself because this is where I have always gone wrong in the past. Instead, I had a bacon and egg Mim and a gin and slimline.

Believe me, I am not trying to speak like the newly converted. I realise now I was using alcohol big time as a crutch for all sorts of things and binge drinking way too often. I work as a media manager, so it's long hours and hugely stressful - so hey, bring on the win!. Broke up with my partner (last year, he was a shmuck)- so woohaye, lets go out every night!

I'm only on week 5 of Atkins and haven't been a complete angel - but only twice (a farewell and a wedding) have I had more than a couple of drinks.

You have lots going on right now and it's important to not stress yourself out worrying about eating the wrong things sometimes. You'll get back on track when you're ready and focused again :)

End trans :)

Susie x

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