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really struggling...head hunger


is loving the soup?!
Sorry for the moan but sure some of you have been there and wondered what you'd say.
I've been in tears most of the afternoon wanting to eat. I cannot imagine the evening without eating as it's the only thing that calms me down and makes me feel happy (albeit temporarily, I know). I do understand about finding other things to do to deal with the emotional pain, and that's something I've been able to do in the past, but at the minute I feel so close to giving up, even though I know I'd just feel worse and not have any hope either. It's like that doesn't matter, because eating is a matter of emotional survival and at least I'll get through if I eat. I just feel so, so terrible.
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hugs for ya hun i know exactly how you feel. what i do is i drink my shake before the family eat so i am too full to even think of food. honest hun it is worth it to stick at it and it soon wont bother you. try and stay strong hun. we all know where you are coming from and all got through it some of us more then once. good luck hun and thinking of you xxxx
hi rachel i understand how you feel keep strong when i was realy struggling i would come on here and at the top of the page i would click on insperational slide show everyones before and after photos give me the boost i needed to keep going i would look at the photos and think in a few months that could be me i just have to be strong and keep looking at the photos thats what helps me...jenni
just hang in there ,, cause this will pass , i too for first couiple of weeks was tortured by this and would be in foul mood ,, now its like it never happened
i felt the same yesterday and really felt like it was the end of the world (and i haven't even got to the end of week 4 yet) so stropped off to bed, had a cry then went to sleep.

woke up feeling SO much better this morning but felt wobbly again this evening - it really is just one day at a time and you know you can do it - as we all can - keep logging on for support x x x we know how it feels


is loving the soup?!
Thankyou all! I am sorry I didn't reply to these last night - felt awful and just went to bed for a few hours and then crashed with a film! I appreciate the support xxx
:eek:I'll tell you what will make you feel worse... eating.

You'll be so sorry you did it. Specially if it's something really fattening...

It is like torture when you know you can't have anything, have a cup of black coffee or a peppermint tea when you feel like that, and do something to take your mind off it. Going for a shower works for me.

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