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Really Struggling need advice

Ok so I started the diet on Monday, I found day 1 & 2 to be the most difficult but I felt really comfortably during day 3 and the majority of day 4, until last night. I began to feel really weak (especially in my legs) and I feel the same this morning in work.

I was just wondering is this normal? do people have bad periods? my initial plan was to do 2 week full LT diet and then 2 week Maintenance however I'm thinking about just doing 2 week Maintenance as of Monday. I'm going into the pharmacy to ask at dinner time but I think they'll just recommend whichever profits them the most money to be honest! Please help :cry:
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Exactly the same happened to me last night and this morning, im drinking lots of water and stating to feel a bit better, today is day 9 for me and this is the 1st time it has happened. I did go without my lunch bar yesterday as it was foul, so maybe has something to do with that. I have a habit of not drinking enough water so could be a factor. I know serveral people have said they have felt the same at some point. So drink lots, hope u feel better soon.
Totally normal Jay! Good days, bad days, totally bloody terrible days when you can barely move:( but also days, generally after a good weigh in, when you feel totally amazing and the diet feels like a breeze......just stick with it but be warned it plays hell with your emotions!
hey jay,,we have all had bad days,,my advice is to commit to this for two weeks, yes just two weeks out of your life, you will feel fine by then and you will have fabulous losses & it will give you the boost to keep going....good luck with whatever you decide

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Stay strong, it will get better and the results are so worth the effort. Keep drinking the water as it really helps with the detox that your body goes through in the first week or two. The jitters, shakes, dizziness are all part of this process so it is normal for TFR.
Just give yourself so TLC and try not to over do things on your down days. After a few Moree days you will find that your body sorts its self out and your energy levels are more stable.

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