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  1. cherrysabs

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    Im feeling horrible right now,With this hot weather I really want to have some confidence to wear a vest top but feel I cant.
    I have always a little and more so now since losing weight have got seriously horrible "flabby arms" like wings hanging down.
    I just dont feel confident to wear a vest top right now but im baking in anything else why oh why do I have to have such yukky hanging down arms :cry:

    Does anyone know of any good fast working excersises for this?
    My mum told me press ups are good but is there anything more??

    Sabs x
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    Hugs Sabs! I had this same horrible realisation the other day! Never noticed them before, but I had a t-shirt on and waved to somebody and out of the corner of my eye could see this huge wobbly flappy arm bit! Yuk! So yep, any exercise tips for them would be great!
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    Here's one....

    Holding a tin of beans(or similar) in each hand stretch arms outwards to the sides and do small circular rotations...forwards for 10/20reps then backwards 10/20reps

    Also same tin in each hand, hang arms loosely by your sides and slowly raise then up keepimg upir arms locked straight till they are parallel, hold for 10 secs and slowly lower to side again...then repeat

    Mel x
  5. LightRaven

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    Yea, I'm working on those parts too. Here's two more exercises:

    Bend over, with a flat back, soft knees, looking forward, arms hanging down to floor...and with a weight, resistance band (under foot), or can of something in one hand, "kick back" that arm so that it is parallel with your back. do 15-20. Then switch hands.

    Standing straight, soft knees, abs tight, with a weight, or resistance band (under the feet) or cans of something in each hand, starting with arms up, bent at elbows, so "weights" are behind your head, lift weight up to ceiling, then slowly lower back down behind head. 15-20 reps.


  6. Sass

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    I also have a serious arm issue !!!! My upper arm is my most hated part of my body, i have the most chunky upper arm i have ever seen and after losing the weight i have so far they are looking a little nasty. Your not alone sabs, whilst i'm at home in the garden i will walk around with nothing on my arms but take me out of that zone and i keep them covered at all times.

    I remember when i was much slimmer i still hated my upper arms, i was clubin once in the summer, dancing away and omg i was soo hot, but there was no way i was revealing those nasty upper arms of mine. I would love to lose them !!!
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