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Really upset with myself and my stupid brain!

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First of all I might as well admit that i have eaten food and quite a lot of it, by the looks of it, but i'd also like to point out before the pitchforks come heading my way that I also didn't have any control over myself and here's why:
Ever since i was a kid I've had weird sleeping habits, from talking, singing, jumping around and occassionally sleep-walking and I suspect the later is what happened last night.
This morning I woke up feeling very full in the tummy and had a weird taste in my mouth, at first I thought 'great! That must mean I've hit ketosis! Brilliant!' Then I went into the kitchen to make my bf breakfast and I saw all the random food debris scattered all over; crisp packets and bread and butter mess and I ask my boyfriend if he made the mess, he says he didn't. So I have to conclude that it was me and I was sleep walking (i did have weird dreams that I can remember and food was definatly a factor in them, but i can't remember much about them-such is the nature of dreams) and have thus completely bollocked up my diet! I don't know if i should be sad or angry because frankly theres no point to either emotion because I clearly can't control what I do when Im unconcious and this sleep-eating has never happened to me before.
If it were just a sandwich or a pack of crisps I could get over it and not be too worried, but unfortunatly it looks like it was quite a lot of food and I'm still very, very unhungry.
It winds me up because I KNOW i was getting close to ketosis and I have been a saint up until this point and really, really positive about the whole thing! I was absolutely determined to do this properly but now thats out the window and I've completely knocked my ketosis away by a long shot and I now have to start all over again.:break_diet:

Damnit, brain!!!:mad:
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awww hun x
it wasn't your fault.do you sleep walk alot?
if its a regular thing maybe lock ya cupboards up.must be terrible knowing this happened.
have you seen a doc about it?
maybe try and change to a diet that you can eat on so if it happens again you'll only have food that you can eat x
dunno what to suggest really.
i know that my first few weeks i had trouble sleeping.maybe that triggered an attack.

hope you get sorted but try not to feel bad about it x
Sorry to hear about this hun. How about putting a lock on the kitchen door so you can lock it at night, and give the key to your boyfriend? That would keep you out of the kitchen x x x
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oh hun dat is so terrible. worst nightmare. i do think although it was the first time it happened that you should maybe think about a sleep clinic. as this will prob happen again unfortunately. or maybe lock yourself in a room at night i know this isnt either safe or that practical but i cant think of anything else. Your right it wasnt ur fault but i guess its gona have to be dealth with or it will continue to happen.

Good Luck definitely speak to someone about sleep eating.
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Awwww no! After you've been doing so well. That must be soul-destroying.

I think you should definitely work out some way of locking the kitchen in case it happens again. It wasn't your fault tho- our sub-consciousness is a powerful thing.

Onwards and upwards. Sort a lock out and get back on it hun


irish molly

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That is truly weird. Just shows how deep seated our desire for food is. Best to get your bf to lock everything up at night as this won't be a one off!!! Maybe next time, you'll wake up on the street in your jammys on the way to the chippy!!!


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You know what the worse part is? You ate those lovely things and you can't remember darn!!!!

It is a medical condition and you don't have control over it, so don't beat yourself up about it babes. But I must advise that maybe you can see your doctor about this as If you can eat while asleep, you may be able to do other stuff.
S: 21st9lb C: 21st9lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 44.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
If you can eat while asleep, you may be able to do other stuff.
That doesn't even bear thinking about *worried look*.

Thanks ladies, you've all been so supportive which has stopped me from jumping out the window lol
I will go see the doctor if only because of the comment that Jess made. In the mean time though I have locked all the awful foods (like crisps, biscuits, bread and cheese) away under lock and key and given the key to my bf just in case it does happen again.

Interesting story, I once broke my arm by falling off a balcony when I was sleep walking. I guess I'm lucky that it was only a first floor apartment and not something silly like a 8th story one!!!



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awww hun that is the kind of thing that made me worried about you, that is why I said go and see a doctor. Also as I work in law it just made me want you to document this with your doctor for future references sorry to be a bit weird but doctors are the first person people turn to for confirmation. I am sure they can sort it out for you babes. Keep us informed of what's happening with you.
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Aw, I'm really sorry to hear that; must be so horrible for you, as you didn't even decide to do it!

I don't really have any suggestions, but, I really hope you get it sorted, as you've worked so hard at getting onto LT.


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