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really upsetting weigh in today

Been 90% good and was excited to go to weigh in and ring a bell, got there are scales broke. lol consultant got them mended and i stepped on and i had stayed the same. so upsetting. seem to get to below 13st and stop. spoke to consultant and been advice to write everything down and measure milk and cereal. just so upset:cry:
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You're probably like me hen!! 90% good doesn't work for me. It's all or nothing!!! (mind you I still have all my Syns so I don't go without!!) Give it 100% this week, make sure u get your 1/3 superfree and some exercise. I'm doing this by the book this time and it's working for me (albeit slowly /)unlike last year where I was 90% and lost nought in 3 weeks! Worth a try!! Good luck


Now to maintain.....
i agree you cant do 90% and expect a loss!! you may do it once and be suprised with a loss but you CANNOT expect to lose.
if you've been anything less than 100% then you should be going with the mindset of a gain or maybe sts at best.

tbh if i'd been 90% only for the week i'd be thrilled to sts.....10% quite a lot to be out really and did you keep a diary of everything?? because you may have been even less than 90%.

seriously be happy that you pulled off a sts and hop back on 100% then next week you can genuinely expect a nice loss.


Now to maintain.....
you havent let yourself down!!!!! thats the sort of thoughts you need to stop,the thoughts that can and will sabotage you!!

look at the bigger picture....what you have lost altogether.its not as if you have gone right back to the beginning,you arent starting again.....so chin up,back on plan and be proud of what you have achieved!

Don't be too hard on yourself. The week is over now, just focus on the new week and being 100%, you CAN do it.

Perhaps start a food diary on here, and some of the members can check your diary for you every day leading up to your weigh in, just to make sure you are having enough 1/3 superfree etc.

You will see a nice loss next week I am sure. Keep up the spirit :)
just really want and need to be a healthy bmi so i can have ivf. its been 12 months of trying and only thing docs can say to hold us back is my bmi too high
might be a stupid question, but are you eating enough?
we're all guilty of reducing portion size when we have a good week assuming (even if unconciously) that less food = bigger losses..
to a point it does but then your body starts to panic that there's a shortage of food so it holds on to everything it can to protect itself..
yeah i have had same portions as usual, eaten loads fruit 2, i think its hidden syns and not writing down i need to do
yep you need to go back to basics perhaps. It is very easy to start slipping out of control when you dont write everything down, you would be shocked at just how quickly those syns can add up, you may think you are well within your limit, but 9 out of 10 times we can be way over when we dont count EVERYTHING.

I definately suggest doing a food diary for the week, it will help you stay 100% on track and as I mentioned members can check it for you just to make sure there are no areas where you are going wrong.

Please don't be too disheartened, it is just one week and I am sure you will be back next week telling us about your fab loss because of a 100% week and will be a step closer to your IVF.

Good luck!!

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