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realy struggling and thinking of giving up


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i'm realy thinking of giving up on this diet mainly because i'm so tired :( and i have so many assignment to do this month for uni, and no energy to do them.

but i realy want to lose this weight, i've considered moving up to step three but i'm scared that the weight losses would be so slow that i would give up all together, any advice would be great.
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its well known that the diet makes u very tired at first, once u get into week 2 ur energy picks up and u normally feel full of it :)

Maybe u should look through some of the posts from the girls on the higher plans they still have fab losses! But if u give up completely u probably wont be loosing any weight....?

Ive been pretty naughty the last 2 weeks and my losses are suffering, i regret it now but back on the diet wagon. good luck :)


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Hiya the first few weeks are the hardest! once u get past week 3 u have a lot of energy and you feel really good..so hang in there, u can do it!!


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I know how you feel. I work full time and go to uni so the motivation to do my MA dissertation and the energy is hard to find. One thing I noticed is that after about 2-3 weeks I was so full of energy that it really increased my concentration for the study. What are you doing at uni?


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Not meaning to be the voice of doom, but some of us don't get that energy buzz people talk about. :( But there's no question the first few days are the worst - and things do get better.

But... hand on heart...

...would you have much more energy if you stopped doing Cambridge? Or is it that you feel better when you're allowed to have food? That old 'using food as a reward' thing is denied to you when you're doing a VLCD.

Is it actually more a question of getting yourself to bed a bit earlier, getting some fresh air here and there - lightening your mood?

Because one thing's for sure - and this is the one I'm trying to tell myself right now (I'm on day 3 and currently feel bl**dy awful :rolleyes:) - being overweight makes you tired. Just picture yourself in the summer, all slim and lovely, wearing skimpy tops and shorts. And then picture the alternative - hiding yourself away, feeling hot and uncomfortable.

Whoops, I seem to be a 'tough love' mood. :)

Stick it out, hun. You can do this, really you can! :hug99:


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Great advice Lilly. I'm only on day 2 and can't stop thinking about food. I'm coming up with any excuse to stop and do 'heathy eating' but I know I wont stick to it. I've got 6ish stone to lose and on going on holiday in June. I know I won't lose all by then but at least ill be lighter and happier


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thank you all for your support. i've had a bit if a blip today but getting back on track tomorrow :break_diet: had to pop out 1/2 an hour ago and when i came back in i felt full of energy :bliss:so the poor dog is not going to know what has hit him for the next few months lol in addition to this my OH has given me a talking to lol its nice to know i have his support in addition to the support on here thank you :D

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