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Reasons for weight loss


Monster Scoffer
I'm a nosey moo, and I'd like to know reasons why people are losing weight. I know it might seem pretty obvious but sometimes it might not. And its also good to write it down :)

My reasons are;

  • I'd like to wear another colour, other than black.
  • I'd like to wear a skirt without feeling like I should wear tights too.
  • I'd like to have smaller boobs and wear the prettier bra's!
  • I'd like to get to the top of the stairs without getting out of breath!
  • I'd like to see my gorgeous nephew grow up (hopefully to be a doctor :p)
  • I'd like to actually see my cheekbones!!!!
  • I'd LOVE IT if for once I wasn't 'the fattest student in class'
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Mine are mainly vanity based :eek:

I want to look good in my clothes
I want to be able to shop in any shop, not just 'fat' shops
I want my 15 year old daughter to be proud of how her mum looks
I don't want to be the token fat one on nights out with my friends

Lastly and this one is not very nice and a bit childish really but I'm going to see Take That in June with my best friend and 2 friends of hers who I don't particularly like :eek: Last time I saw them I was pretty hefty and there was more than 1 snidy comment about my weight. They've both had babies recently and I'd really LOVE to be thinner than them when we go. Like I said, not very nice of me really but I'm being honest! :eek:
I have seen a lot of reasons for dieting... But wishing to have smaller boobs is a first one!

lol ;-)

As a man I would say: "No, please don't!"
But I can see for some it makes life better so all is good ;-)

As for my reasons, I really want to be thin for my wedding and to be able to get my six pack back with the gym.


Monster Scoffer
I have a ex-friend who I thought was a really nice person until last year when she was really nasty to me (big time) and she has always been that little bit skinnier than me and id love to get slimmer just to see the look on her face. I know its really not nice & I'm probably stooping to her level but its one hell of an incentive! And if it works I'll be thanking her! Lol

Id also like to be slim for my wedding, luckily I've got a couple of years yet before I say I do!
Hi all

Mine is:

1) to look good and feel happy
2) my health (bulimia,depression sorted)
3) I want to have a husband
4)I want my nieces and nephews to be proud of me shifting this weight off
5) rub it into ppl who made fat remarks about me wen I was bigger.
6)smaller boobs
7)self confidence/self worth
8)being content
9)having babies
10) looking HOT :D

Thats me



Silver Member
I'd say to have smaller boobs but i've lost 6 stone and they are still the same size!

My reasons for loosing weight were as follows:

To be healthy, not to eat myself to diabetes or heart problems.
To shop in the places all my friends do.
To have someone comment on how I look.
To not feel self conscious in public.
To feel sexy.

All of which I have achieved :D


Monster Scoffer
Ria I don't believe you! Lol 6st and no boobage loss?! You'be just shattered my dreams of becoming a victorias secret model! Hahaha!

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Thanks hun! I was gutted if i'm honest, got measured 2 weeks ago and am a 32F! was a 38F when I started :(
Wanted to get to a DD or something lol
1) I want to have more confidence
2) I wan't to be able to go out with my friends and not feel like the ugly fat one.
3) I want to be able to dance all night without getting out of breath.
4) I wan't to look nice in my clothes.
5) I want to believe my boyfriend when he tells me i'm gorgeous rather than tell him to shut up and moan about my massive tummy/thighs/arms!


Monster Scoffer
I'm a 38f too but 32f IS smaller! If u hold up a 38f and a 32f bra the cups on the 32 will be smaller! The band size does impact the size of the cup, not a massive difference but still a difference. I'd like to get to DD too.

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Seriously, what's with woman wanting smaller assets these days? :)

I always thought it was a blessing!

Oh well but that's coming from a man so I guess my opinion doesn't count lol ;-)

On the other hand, I genuinely want smaller boobs... My ones! LoL


loves a curlywurly
my reasons are:

I want to be a healthy and have a healthy lıfestyle..bmi etc
İ want to be able to walk into my favourite clothes shops and say oh i really want that instead of i cant wear it cause im too fat:(
I want to have my confıdence back!!
İ am soooo sick of avoiding nights off because of my weight
İ want to get the most İ can possibly get out of life.
İ want to fit into my amazing river island maxi dress for my holiday to turkey with my husband in september
İ want to look in the mirror and feel good about myself!!
Reason's for losing weight:

1. My other half may be leaving me and if I don't get any confidence in myself I'll never get her back or find anyone else.

2. I have an illness that may go away if I lose weight and one that will get better if I do.

3. Sick of being out of breathe- don't want to be disadvantaged if a zombie apocalypse happens. (joke :p)

4. Sick of being the fattest person whenever in a group of people.

5. Sick of wishing to be skinny and attractive in that sense envy others who are.

6. Want to be able to fit into most bra's or buy them easier in my size.

7. Really really want to wear a bikini.

8. There's a waist coat in my cupboard a little too small for me. I want to be able to wear it and show it off! ^^
The one thing i wont be happy about once losing weight is losing my breast size. I always had quite small ones and the only good thing about putting on weight was getting bigger ones. :)

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