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Step 1 Sole Source Reasons I'm Losing Weight


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This is just what I can think of of the top of my head...

To be healthy
To look good
To not make my boyfriend or daughter embarrassed of me
To not be the ‘fat one’
So I can buy clothes I like not just clothes that fit!
To go to the doctor and not get a lecture
To not dread summer time / holidays/going swimming
To be graceful
To not worry about plane or amusement park rides seats
So when I hear the word fat in a conversation I don’t assumethey are talking about me
So I look good in pictures and not like the a barrel on theend
To do it for me for once and to prove I can do it
So my other problems can be focussed on instead of myweight!
To not feel the need to layer my clothes to cover my lumpsand bumps!
So when I hear people laughing on a night out or anything I don’tassume its at me
To stop being jealous of all my thinner/prettier friends
I wont have to avoid ‘how much do you weigh’ question
So I can eat in public again, without worrying about beingmocked!!
I’ll save money on food shopping
So I can shop in skinny shops!
To feel better about myself
To encourage/inspire others who feel they cant do it

:) Just my thoughts of the day xxx

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Brilliant, I can relate to a lot of these, especially the one about eating fat or people laughing and assuming it was about me!

Oh and the multiple layer thing, I forgot I Even do that! Haha, it works though - always 2 vest tops instead of one - even in 30c on hols lol x


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I didnt realise i was even doing some of these until i sat down and really thought about them!


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This is a great motivation. Well done. I can relate to a lot of these, especially doing it for myself!!!!

I can't wait to go into shops and choose the clothes I like and have a small size rather than just looking and being jealous :(

You will soon look at this list and all of them will be in the past. Keep up the journey