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Reasons it's crap being fat!!!


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Thought I would start a post about why being fat is *****, Mainly as a bit of a motivator for us all :p

Heres some of mine, what are yours?

1. My clothes are WAAAAAYYY more expensive than the smaller sizes. Sure we need more material but £20+ worth for XXXL? , And I cant buy my clothes anywhere other than specialist chubber shops or asda:mad:.

2. Can't fit into some chairs with arms without feeling like i dare not move without breaking it.

3. The thought of having to get on an Airplane is terrifying. "Will I be able to fit in the seat?" "Will I be able to buckle the damned Seatbelt?".

4. Can't go out shopping at the same stores as friends. Have to go to specialty section or specialty stores.

5. Walking past a window or mirror is a harrowing experience.

6. Can't get on Fair rides. The embarrassment of the safety bar not fitting over me and having 3 workers trying to push it down is enough to send anyone to a stiff drink and a shotgun!

7. One Word! CELLULITE/Stretch marks on a man!!!!!

8. Big Pants, and boxer short gonad wrap, cos of the fat legs.

9. Feeling uncomfortable with my partner b/c of my size during sex.

10. Being somewhere and realizing that I'm the biggest person in the room.

11. Rubbing thighs, so so painful.

12. Deoderant under the gut, lush or wot!!

Ok there's mine and I been brutally honest, would love to hear yours x
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Just to mention a few.

likewise really:
1.became generally miserable
2.noticebly aggressive
3.hate looking at myself
4.sore under my belly
5.supersize and triple XL
6.not been taken seriously
7.not been able to pull (women that is)
8.women dont look at you
9.sharing a room while working away
10.elasticated waist bands

Good thread pos


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Being envious of skinny minnis.....dont like it its a horrible trait

O and all of the above and then some!!!!!!!!!!!x


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1. Screaming knees
2. Waking with a shock in the middle of the night because my neck fat has cut off my breathing
3. Having to hide anything remotely cake-ish underneath the veg in my trolley to avoid the tuts from the skinny waifs in the supermarket
4. Fear of having to be rescued naked from my bath by hunky firemen


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1: always being the "fat" one amongst my gorgeous skinny friends!
2: never getting any male attention
3: having to wear a coat in summer to cover my arms up!
4: not being able to wear a bikini on holiday
5: not wanting to go with friends, purely because i look crap in all my clothes
6: miserable when i look in the mirror

the list could go on but they are my main concerns


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being annoyed with my sisters cos theyre both tall and gorgeous, and even though one is a size 16, compared to my size 12, i still look fatter! then hating myself for feeling anger towards my sisters, who have done nothing wrong.
double chins in photos
refusing to smile in photos cos ive fat cheeks like a hamster, so ive got a reputation for being a sourpuss
huffing and puffing in changing rooms, and getting all hot and bothered when something else refuses to fit
feeling self-conscious in a restaurant and convinced the waiting staff are laughing at me when i order anything that isnt a salad. (this is completely ridiculous as well, cos i am a waitress and i know that generally we couldnt care less what anyone orders, as long as they dont complain, we're happy!)
Being judged on first appearance,
Being the biggest one in the room when theres loads of people
Paying more for clothes.
Not wanting to go out because clothes are crap.
Constantly pulling at tops so it sits properly
Being miserable and finding comfort in food then putting more weight on.
Always feeling worthless compared to skinny friends
Getting wound up even more when skinny friends say THEY are the ones that are fat
Worried about people saying the F (fat) in an arguement.
Very defensive :(:(:(:(:(

Don't want none of that anymore. Great thread cankster
Feeling bloated and sluggish....bad!:(:mad:
Limited fashion at high cost:rolleyes:
Always wanting to wear tops that are looooooong to disguise the gut and fat ass!:D (and they never cover!:rolleyes:)
Black does not make you feel slimmer!:(
Feeling unattractive and unconfident and apologising even when you've done nothing wrong!:(
Wanting to 'do it' in the dark!:D
Avoiding mirrors, cameras, windows!:rolleyes:
Bathing by candlelight in sunglasses to avoid yourself naked!:D
People shouting 'ladarse' at me, or 'bloody hell love, can you stand in the middle of the dancefloor before you tip us all over' when your stood at the edge of the dancefloor!:eek:


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This is a fantastic thread!!! so much so i have decided to print out my answers and put them on the wall as my "thinspiration"
my answers are the same as everyone elses really

  • Being judged on first appearance,

  • Being the biggest one in the room

  • Paying more for clothes, and going into “regular” shops and only looking at shoes, bags and accessories

  • Constantly pulling at tops so lie properly, i do this all the time

  • Not being able to eat in public for the feeling that EVERYONE is looking at you.

  • having to wear a coat in summer to cover my arms up!

  • not being able to wear a bikini on holiday or even shorts

  • Having to hide anything unhealthy in ur trolley under the salad

  • Can't fit into some chairs with arms without breaking it. We did this last month on holiday the chairs in the restaurant were the plastic garden chairs, I spent the whole two weeks in constant fear…..lol

  • Not being able to fit properly in an airplane seat – I bought my own seatbelt extender as it was awful having to ask for one..

  • Desperate to go to alton towers and Disney world but know the seats arnt big enough

  • Don’t do it every often but getting the bus is pure torcher
Lea xx
Oh, another!

.....Not even being able to into the maternity section in 'skinny' shops!:eek:

And people still ask you 'when's the baby due!':eek::D
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Things I hate about being overweight:

Not being able to cross my legs properly

belly tyres

not wanting hubby to touch me

feeling a constant overwhelming hatred for my body

not being comfortable in my own skin

not being the person I know I should be

my little ones picking up on all of the above

Not for much longer.....

rainbow brite

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Ahh, good thread :D There are so many things I hate about my being overweight it's hard to even know where to start. As has been said before, most (if not all) of this has already been covered but here goes anyway;

  • Having no photographs of me with friends as I refuse to be in them.
  • Developing skin tags in my underarm area and trying to shave around them :eek:
  • Deciding on outfits not by what looks nice but by what fits
  • Feeling very self-conscious at ALL times
  • Feeling unattractive around my boyfriend :(
  • Not being able to cross my legs properly without my knee killing me
  • Developing stretch marks in the most peculiar places :eek: And knowing that even if I do lose weight I may still not be able to wear pretty clothes because of these stretch marks :cry:
  • Being teased as stupid boy racers drive past when I'm walking somewhere
  • Back problems
  • Worsened asthma
  • The fact that I know people are discussing how much weight I've gained
  • The fact that my boobs got bigger when I gained weight (this is a particularly bad one for me as I had surgery to reduce them when I was 17!)
Oh I think that's plenty for now! lol I didn't realise I'd come up with quite so many...

It sucks being a fatty :(
9. Feeling uncomfortable with my partner b/c of my size during sex.

That is really interesting to hear this coming from a man. My husband is grossly overweight just as I am and I've never spared a though about how he may be feeling during sex.

Good thread, nice to see from a blokes perspective.

Whats gonad wrap :eek:
Being the biggest in the staff room
Being the biggest of my friends
Being the biggest in my family

Buying clothes just because they fit not because I like them
Buying bras that are much bigger that your head
Catching a glimspe of your self in a shop window or mirror
not having any photos
sore under belly
sore under boobs
tops of thighs rubbing together (might even bleed)
Summer (to fat to wear anything nice)

just to think of a few xx


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-only just joined, hope you dont mind me joining in-

bumping into people you havent seen in a while
constantly being on some sort of diet
having lovely skinny clothes in the wardrobe which used to fit.
Not being one of those cute yummy mummy
Hate having pictures taken of me.
Seeing pictures of a former skinny me.
Having to see ex boyfriend (vists to see our daughter) knowing he has a gorgeous girlfriend waiting for him.


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Oh and onother 1.......holding a cushion in front of me if I sit on a sofa to TRY to hide myself!!!!!!!!!! Wots that about??

rainbow brite

S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
Oh and onother 1.......holding a cushion in front of me if I sit on a sofa to TRY to hide myself!!!!!!!!!! Wots that about??
I do that too! And when I'm at work I make sure I've got a scarf with me to stick over my belly... yeah coz like no one knows what I'm doing... lol o_O
Over compensating when in company and trying to be liked by being overly nice and basically a sucker!

And always trying to get the 'fat old me' joke in before somebody else does!:rolleyes:
Wearing a jumper, cardi or hoodie tied around your waist to disguise your arse and belly.....and let's be honest that extra fabric is just making it look worse!!:D:D

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