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Total Solution Rebecca's Exante Diary... Day 2...

Hey Rebecca, you CAN do this.
Getting straight back on the wagon and not leaving it weeks is great, hopefully you'll hit ketosis early on and not feel so rubbish. Make sure you drink plenty of water, get lots of sleep and stay off the scales for the whole week!
Good luck x


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Hey Rebecca
We all slip off d wagon from time 2 time Cravings, hormones, emotions can get in d way but once u get back on d wagon ul b knocking lbs off and d scales will move in d right direction and b4 u know it Ul have reached Ur goal!
Please don't worry or dwell on Ur blip twas only dat Onwards and downwards ya hear!!!
My sis in law had d same op as u a few yrs ago and doesn't know herself now!!
Totally pain free Ease off on gym durin early days doin Exante as cals r SO low Don't want u keelin over!!!
Stay positive and YES u CAN do this!!!

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S: 14st9.8lb C: 14st5.4lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 0st4.4lb(2.14%)
Just found your diary :) I agree not to get too down about having an off day. The point is that you're back on it already, there are some people that seem to have to restart on a weekly basis but they are still losing some weight!

It's frustrating that people don't understand but I guess that's why someone made this forum so just use it as much as you can when feeling low.


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Hi Rebecca,
thought i'd check up on you and see how your doing. Like all of us you've had a blip and like me it was in the early days, I still had a good loss and even if its not what you hoped for remember why you're doing this and what you can achieve if you stick to it!
I'd love to be a comfy size 10-12 then decide what I want to be.
Try to ease off on heavy exercise and gradually ease back into your new exante lifestyle. Otherwise you'll be burned our before you start!

Take care and good luck on your journey x


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Good morning Rebecca.

Like every body else has said, well done for getting back on the wagon and not throwing in the towel. We've all been there :)

Good luck, stay positive and remember why you're doing this diet when you're struggling. It truly does get easier hun :hug99: xx


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S: 14st9.8lb C: 14st5.4lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 0st4.4lb(2.14%)
Hi Rebecca, are you still doing exante? I failed on my first week by the end of it but still lost 5 pounds so starting again this week!x

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