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Rebecca's finding the plot again diary!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by rebeccauk, 1 April 2011 Social URL.

  1. rebeccauk

    rebeccauk Member

    Slimming World
    Hi Girls (and guys)
    I've been doing Sw since 2004..... been to target and back again with lots of waivering along the way both up and down - to say I took the scenic route is an understatement to say the least!!!!
    Anyway........new start for April Fools day now....just back from Butlins and a week of total diet abandonment and a renewed focus!!!!! Want to get into a pair of bootcut size 14 jeans so that will be my inspiration!!!
    I'm hovering at a 16 at the moment so would expect about a stone in weightloss would get me into the jeans!!! I seem to gain on legs, hips, bum area so that will be my focus!!!
    Hope to chat to all of you! xxx
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  3. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

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    Slimming World
    Welcome to Minimins, you will find lots of helpful and inspirational people around here to keep you right on track!! x
  4. rebeccauk

    rebeccauk Member

    Slimming World
    Ok so today is the 'new start' day. Got weighed this morning and I'm exactly 11 stone 7. Last time I went to class I was 10 stone 13...my target is 10 stone 3 so we will see whether that is realistic....just taking every day as it comes :)

    Saturday 2nd April:Extra Easy
    Breakfast: 1/2 a pineapple
    Lunch:Ainsley Harriott Moroccan Medley couscous - 1/2 syn
    Snack: 1/2 tin of spagehtti in tomato sauce with an egg cracked into it (My sons favourite tea but he will only eat half a tin)
    Tea: Wild rice, stir fry veg with frylight and soy sauce, turkey breast pieces fried in frylight with jerk seasoning - all free!!!!
    Snack: 1 hi fi bar
    Syns - none today as I'll save some for during the week
    Last edited: 3 April 2011
  5. rebeccauk

    rebeccauk Member

    Slimming World
    Sunday 3rd April
    Mummys Day!!! My husband heeded the warning not to get me chocs from my son so I got a fab body shop set in satsuma flavour! Deelish!
    Breakfast: banana, coffee with skimmed milk (hea)
    Lunch: Mugshots Sweet n sour flavour...thinking I might need something else though to see me through the afternoon
    Snacks: Aero bar - not sure of syns - about 12 maybe????
    Tea: pasta with tinned tomatoes, baby cherry tomatoes, courgette, chicken and pepper fried in frylight
    Snacks: oh dear.....it all went wrong :-(
    Last edited: 4 April 2011
  6. rebeccauk

    rebeccauk Member

    Slimming World
    Morning Peeps...well actually it's lunchtime. The plot went out of the window last night....... very annoyed with myself as I was only 2 days into the plan as it was but there was just too much tempting stuff in my fridge!!! I ate half a large bar of fruit and nut chocolate and another TWO aero bars!!! What a pig!!! BUT....new start today and guess that's my syns taken care of for the rest of the week :-(
    That'll teach me!!!

    Onwards and upwards then!!!

    Monday 4th April
    Breakfast: 2 x apples, skimmed milk for coffee (HEA)
    Lunch: Pasta leftovers from last night - pasta with sliced chicken, tinned tomatoes, courgette and baby tomatoes, frylight and pepper
    1 orange, 2 weightwatchers yogurts - one is raspberry tart so think that may be 1 syn but not sure?!
  7. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

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    Eat Less, move more
    Hi Rebecca,

    You did well to reel yourself in and start again before too much damage had been done. At least you didn't do what I did last week. I had things that I thought were very low syn, only to find that they were 13 syns or more and got so disgusted with myself (and the diet) that I ate badly. Whereas if I had done what you have done and just said to myself that those syns could be deducted from the week's allowance there would have been absolutely no drama at all and I wouldn't have spent two days thinking "I've blown it". This is something I need to learn. Along with forward planning :D not good at that either at the moment.

    Good luck with it. I am sure you'll do great.....and watch out for the Aeros lol
  8. rebeccauk

    rebeccauk Member

    Slimming World
    Hi Lorrayne
    Thank you for your kind message. I'm very much the same though that once I think I've blown it I would usually go off on a HUGE binge!!! It's out of character for me to get back on the wagon so quickly and with minimal damage done so it's also something that I need to work on. Typically Aero bars are not even one of my favourites...they were just 'there' but isn't that the case with a lot of our out-of-control splurges on syns???
    Onwards and upwards I guess and good luck Lorrayne - we will get there!!!
  9. rebeccauk

    rebeccauk Member

    Slimming World
    Tuesday 5th April – Extra Easy
    Oh dear…..trying to redeem myself – it’s not going too well L
    After the chocolate binge of yesterday and the day before I decided to go for it 100% again – it wasn’t meant to be…I’ve nobody to blame but myself
    Breakfast: Toffee Apple Dessert Weightwatchers yogurt 0.5 syns, skimmed milk for coffee (HEA)
    Lunch: Jacket potato & beans
    Snacks: I hi fi bar (heb)
    Omelette with 3 eggs and frylight
    Dinner: Hubby decided he wanted to take me out J so we went to Bella Italia….I was hoping for a pasta dish with a plain tomato sauce – something like an arabiatta or a pomodoro…sadly most of the pasta dishes were either creamy or had meatballs which I wasn’t sure about given that they wouldn’t be XL mince! So….. went with:
    Side salad (as a starter) it had vinaigrette on it so estimate 2 syns as not sure of the syns in vinaigrette
    Shared a bowl of marinated olives so estimate another 2 syns
    Then chose chicken breast brushed with chilli and lemon glaze with new potatoes and roast veg – thought this sounded like a pretty low syn choice…how wrong I was!!!! The chicken has been griddled (in fat) and the glaze was just a pool of greasy oil, the new potatoes had been roasted in olive oil and the roast veg had been roasted in oil!!! I have to assume about 7 syns for all the oil in that dish!
    We turned down dessert but DH went to the shop and got me a Frys Chocolate Cream Bar – would guess that’s 12 syns!!! So all-in-all about 24 syns for the day! Eek!!!

    Wednesday 6th April – Extra Easy
    Well after my terrible day yesterday and bad days before that I was feeling pretty disheartened and decided to do a mid-week weigh in!!!! I know that is bad but I felt that I needed to shock myself into submission…..unbelievably I’m showing a 3lb loss (Although this was 6.15am before I’d eaten or drank anything so may not have been entirely accurate) Feeling pretty pleased with myself and with a renewed focus I made a salad for my lunch at work and am continuing to ‘try’. Hopefully a promise I can keep lol!
    Breakfast: Pear, Apple, carrot sticks, 1 shortbread biscuit (uh oh) approx 4 syns??, skimmed milk for coffee (Hea)
    Lunch: Ham salad with VLF cottage cheese, 2 x weightwatchers yogurts
    Dinner: Chilli con carne made with XL mince, allow 2 syns for spray of non-frylight frying oil and bit of tomato puree, boiled rice
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