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Recipe ingredient question....KFC Chicken

Firstly, sorry to the Mods if this is in the wrong section. I couldn't decide which would be the right one, because it isn't a recipe.......

I'm planning on making the KFC style chicken for my taster night. I was going to try to make it two days ago (at my mums) but then had a crisis of confidence.....

The recipe calls for Mixed Spice and my mum said she only had the mixed spice she uses for making biscuits/cakes etc. I asked her 'Well isn't that it then?' and she started talking about a mixed spice that was savoury.

Have tried looking at Tescos and can only find the 'sweet' mixed spice mix. So, if any of you have made the KFC chicken recipe.....what is in YOUR mixed spice??!? I just don't want to risk the 'sweet' mixed spice, it all go wrong and give my mum the chance to say 'I told you it was the wrong thing!...'

Thanks very much for any help!!!!
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I've not made it yet but I will do and would use the 'sweet' mixed spice as you call it.
I'm sure that's the one that's in the recipe and isn't only for use in sweet dishes.
The recipe doesn't say 5-spice, which your Mum may be thinking of, or Allspice.
I didn't buy mixed spice for the recipe I just made my own with 1/2tsp of this and that, that I had in the cupboard. If you want to leave it out I doubt it will make a huge difference.
I made it last night and yes, its the mixed spice that you find in the cake section (unless in the spice aisle).
I was going to post after I made it yesterday, its worth it and sooo delicious!
Duh sorry ignore me it was the mixed herbs I made myself not the mixed spice :rolleyes:
errrr..... been looking for the recipe ..... where is it ?
I used garlic granules instead of the crushed garlic and I didnt use the egg.
I used a pastry brush to rub bovril over the drumsticks after I had removed the skin and then rolled in the breadcrumb mixture - I added all the spices together when I made the breadcrumbs - less mess and hastle...I also didnt boil the drumsticks before hand to save time.
I also used Hovis Nimble white bread instead of the brown as this is still 2 slices as a HEB, but then 2.5 syns a slice. It works out to be less than 0.5 syns a drumstick.
It is delcious! I found it tastier fresh and it remained crispy!
I still haven't tried this recipe ..... does it really taste like KFC?? Or is it one of those that you need a really good imagination for? x
It doesn't have the 'oilyness' of KFC or of course the skin, but it's as close as you're going to get. I honestly think you should try it, it's not like 'diet food' at all! xx


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I'm attempting a KFC style meal this friday night. If all goes well, I shall post the recipe on the forum!


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I made this again last night and instead of mixed spice I used paprika & hot chilli powder - everytime I make it I try with a different flavouring, the cajun was nice
Hope someone can help!

I plan on making this for dinner tonight but don't have any bovril (or even marmite!)

Does anyone know if I can make this without it? Is it a vital ingredient?

Thanks slimmers :)
It is chicken bovril you need for the really authentic flavour, although I have heard others say they have done it by crumbling oxo cubes in with the egg. Chicken Bovril can be a pain to find although bigger Tescos and Sainsburys stock it.

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