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Recipe Thread

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You can make the above muffins with a fatless sponge mix instead of the packet mix. Heres the recipe:

Fatless Sponge

2 cakes - 8 portions

Points per recipe : 12

3 standard eggs
75 g./ 3 oz. castor sugar
75 g./ 3 oz. self-raising flour, sifted twice or three times

Prepare two 17½ cm (7") round sandwich tins - grease them, line with greased greaseproof paper. Set oven to moderate - 180°C (350°F - gas mark 4).

Break eggs, one at a time, into cup. Transfer to mixing bowl. (It is best to do this in case one egg out of three is bad). Whisk until very frothy. Gradually add sugar. Continue to whisk steadily until mixture is very pale in colour, the consistency of whipped cream and at least twice the volume than it was when you started. To test if eggs and sugar have been whisked sufficiently, lift beaters out of bowl (remembering to switch off electricity first or mixture will fly all over the eplace) and allow it to fall from the beater heads back into bowl. The mixture should stay on the surface, like a decoration, for about half a minute; if it sinks immediately, it's under-whipped and you must continue whisking until the correct consistency is reached. It is vitally important to get this absolutely right because a sponge depends almost entirely on air to aerate it, especially if it's made with plain flour.

Sprinkle all the sifted flour all at once over top of the whisked eggs and sugar. Using a large metal spoon or thin plastic spatula, gently and slowly fold in flour by flipping the spoon or spatula over and over. Occasionally cut athe edge across the base of the bowl to lift up and incorporate any flour that may have sunk to the bottom. When smooth and evenly combined, and it is obvious that all the flour has been worked in, divide mixture evenly between the prepared tins. Bake in centre of oven (or any position in a fan oven) for 20 minutes, when sponges should be well risen and golden. At this stage the edges should also be pulling slightly away from sides of tins. Turn out on to wire cooling rack covered with a damp tea-towel and then lined with a length of greaseproof paper lightly sprinkled with castor sugar. Peel away lining paper and then leave cakes until completely cold. To complete, sandwich together with raspberry jam (this is the traditional one to use, but any other flavour may be used if preferred) and dust top lightly with castor sugar.

The small banana is 1pt and the 2 packs of Maltesers come to 7 pts. Add these to the following mixture and either make as large cakes as below or small ones as the WW recipe above.
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Guys this is a really really simple one but I love it. If you just want beans on toast if you put a low low triangle into the beans when you are heating them it gives them such a lovley taste and very low in points only 1.5 for the cheese!
MommyB's Garlicky Mash

peel your required amount of spuds, add one chopped spring onion per person, and garlic to taste , i use 2 cloves when making it for the 2 of us, just peel and chop in half. boil all together til spuds cooked and mash. the beauty is that the softened garlic adds the moisture and it rquires no fat, so the only points are in the spuds, and it really is nice
That sounds amazing! May have to try that on sunday with my sunday dinner! Was wondering though do you think that would work with sweet potatoes too?
Guys this is a really really simple one but I love it. If you just want beans on toast if you put a low low triangle into the beans when you are heating them it gives them such a lovley taste and very low in points only 1.5 for the cheese!
Great idea! Will have to try this next time thank you!!!
All sounds yummy!!! =]
100g Pasta
1 Chicken Breast
1 Extra Lean Rasher
2 tbsp Garlic & Herb spread(i use tesco light choices)
Skimmed Milk
0pt Vegetables

1. Cook Pasta, set aside.
2. Cook vegetables until soft.
2. Stir Fry Chicken & rasher, once cooked, add the pasta, vegetables garlic & herb spread & milk to the pan.
3. Done! Serve yum yum
Whats the points value for this recipe??
hi could some 1 copy and paste the no point veg soup please i cant find it on any thread ?

sorry to be a pain


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Ooooo Lydia - sounds delish ;o) if i wan't doing CD right now i'd be knocking up a dishful! Something to try when i'm back to Good ole WW;ers though - cheers x
does anyone have the recipe for ww chicken gougans made with breadcrumbs


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I make the no point soup. Dont know if it the new or old way but it is basically any no point veg including white cabbage, carrots, onions, leeks, turnip or swede, add tinned tomatoes, mixed herbs and veg stock cube. add enough water to cook in, usually about 2 of the empty tinned tomato cans. When soft either liquidise or leave chunky. Its lovely with 1 ounce of low fat cheese grated melted on top when served.
Good luck everyone.
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