Recipes... Quorn/Vegetarian

Hi...All that seems to get me through at the moment is utter determination and looking to the future... knowing that this will eventually be over! I just have to stick it out!

At the minute I have been reading about the GI diet (so am researching maintanence possiblilities well in advance)

I have also been looking at AAM week...

I only eat chicken I think... so my choices are a little limited.
So I am thinking of going into new territory- can I eat quorn on AAM?? (I'm pretty sure u can)

So I was wondering what wonderful recipe ideas you might have for AAM quorn meals?? or tofu (if thats allowed)?

Would be very grateful as have researched quorn and its really good for u!

Quorn is definitely allowed on AAM - 4oz I think...

I'm veggie so I had it all the time on AAM!

My fav. was quorn chunks with mushroom & green pepper skewered & grilled as kebabs with a tiny bit of very low fat dressing on the side to dip them in.

Anja xxx
I also have quorn. My favourite at the moment it to cook it gently in a little marigoold bouillon, drain, and shake in a plastic bag with some tesco chicken tikka spice mix - it's deicious. I'm not vegetarian, and love meat, but this is lovely. Last night I served it with very finley chopped (on one of those V shaped "mandolin" slicers) red cabbage, pepper & onion mixed with ground cardamon & cumin seeds - stir fried in a pan just moistened with olive oil. (or you could eat it raw with some salad dressing.) I am also interested in GI, and bought my first book about it yesterday
I'm enjoying all this experimenting!
Ann x