Recommend a mobile

Right my mobile has died and gone to heaven....I bought a new battery for it but it still won't work so need to find me another.

I've got less than a month to run on my contract with O2 so happy to go with someone else instead so I can get a new phone now.

Anyone got any suggestions of what to or not to go for?

My old was a Motorola Razr V3i and I loved it but think its time for a change.

Also contracts.....I'm willing to pay £25 a month(thats what I've been paying) but obviously want as much as possible for least 100 mins and 200 texts.

Anyone got a recommendation please?

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Well Amanda, you did your best for it:)

Good luck with shopping for a new one, there is so many to choose from...

Love Mini xxx


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Thanks Starlight...the tariff looks that anyone minutes?

Off to check the phone out now :)

Its 100 anytime minutes. If you go to Orange have a GOOD look at the website and know what deal you want. They dont offer such good deals when you phone up but if you tell them you know someone with a particular deal or have seen one on the web they WILL give it to you. The best deal I got offered over the phone was 100 mins and 200 texts until I mentioned the one Id seen on their web page. They instantly matched it. :)


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I'm with o2 as well and didnt feel that they were giving me the best contract so I had a look in paper to see what another provider was offering and called o2 and said I wanted to transfer to someone else - not only did I get a brand new phone, but they changed my contract so I was only paying £25 month- gave me 400 free text every month and I am getting my 6 month rental back in cash direct to my bank account after 6 month if I stay with them - (hope you understand that bit). I was only 10 month into my original contract at the time and didnt even want a new phone, so...................I got a really good deal and went on to sell the new phone on ebay for £150 !!!! Moral of my story is - they will want to keep your business so call their bluff and you may just come out with a really good deal and an updated phone to boot.
Good Luck !!!
btw - I have a nokia 6111 in pink which i am happy with.


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I have a Sony W850i which is the best phone I have ever owned, I got a £30 a month deal with Orange for unlimited texting and 700 anytime minutes.



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Hey girls,

i just went to phones for you recently, they gave me £60 to pay off my old contract (four months) then i got a new LG Chocolate KG800 PINK whoa!!! Its great 500 texts and 500 any time cross network mins £35

I seem to have been looking at phones online for the last 3 days!!!

Found a good deal....Half price line rental for 17 months on an 18 month contract with Orange taking it to £17.50 a month for 500 mins and 500 texts. But I have to claim back the difference rather than just getting it that price.
Thats on a white sony ericsson ...looks lovely (Thanks for pointing me in that direction Mike!!)

So I rang O2, who I've been with for years, and they'll double my minutes to 200 and keeping the same 500 texts for £20 a month....but that won't be for a month!!

Ooooh what to do!!!