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Recommend your slow cooker here!

I bought one this week from Tesco for £10. I have only used it once, so can't say anything about reliability, but it worked very well.

3.3 litre capacity, three heat settings (low, high, keep warm) and stainless steel outer cover.

I am very pleased with it.
although im a big fan of slow cookers - im now on my 4th as i wore the others out through over use and they died on me! i have to say they do all cook differently and my current one which was very expensive is a cuisinart one and i cant actually turn it on before going out to work as it really does overcook food and ive not experienced this with previous cheaper ones. so i have to use a time switch so problem solved! But what i actually wanted to say was my daughter has a small (3.5l) one but a whole chicken will not fit in it as it is round and smallish - fine for anything else though. so if wanting to cook whole chickens or say shoulder of lamb make sure you get oval shape.
For everyone with the Tesco ones.... I have one too, do you find that the lid seems loose.? This is my first slow cooker so Im not sure if its meant to be like this... the lid seems too loose and steam gets out and sometimes it will rattle a bit. Apart from that Im chuffed with mine.. I have my curry in it as we speak for tonight. Im at home all day so it doesnt worry me, but I dont think I would leave it on if I went out, not at least til I get the lid checked out.
i havent tried it yet,but my mum in law has a different one and the instructions with hers said to put a bit of the liquid around the rim and it helps to seal it. I have the tesco one and my lid same as yours so am going to try the lquid next time.
I have left mine when i've gone out tho and it was fine
I have this Morphy Richards one

Morphy Richards 3.5L Stainless Steel Slow Cooker - Slow Cookers - Cookers & microwaves - Appliances - Sainsbury’s

It's quite small, but it does enough for a meal for two, plus a good two or 3 portions leftover (of stuff like stews and bolognese/chilli). I haven't tried meat in it, but it would fit in small joints and probably a medium chicken, but as I say, I haven't actually done that yet.

Has low, medium and high settings and I find the high is actually quite speedy for a slow cooker, and does things in around 4-5 hours, which is ideal at weekends. I usually make something at lunchtime and it's ready for our evening meal.

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