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  1. thischarmingwoman

    thischarmingwoman New Member

    Hi there,

    I'm new to this website today (see my blog) and was wondering who would recommend joining a slimming club?
    I favour a fairly old fashioned approach to dieting/exercise, but wondered whether anyone finds that the support of a slimming club is truly beneficial to the process??

    I'm fairly young and slightly intimidated (yet intrigued) by the concept of going to a slimming club- any words of wisdom appreciated!

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  3. Emmie

    Emmie Silver Member

    I'm Emma. And i started slimming world 2 weeks ago well (from tonight) I'm doing the extra easy (EE) plan and i have lost 4lbs in my first week. I guess i'm still trailing it but its working so far :D
    Good luck
  4. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    hiya charming if you feel you can do it yourself then carry on with youre way or if you feel you need help then i would say join the meetings are come on here i found cc using my fitness pal and logging my exercise and food as helped me and its free its youre juice love no one can make your mind up for you good luck with your journey xx
  5. JustinUpper

    JustinUpper Member

    Good luck in this club, hope to new your great results in a month
  6. I've tried a couple of the clubs where you attend a meeting once a week, but never found they did anything for me. Never felt I had anything else in common with the other people who went, who were often a lot older. I also never found the information they handed out re nutrition, ideas etc anything I didn't already know.

    Some people seem to enjoy it so I guess it's horses for courses. Try a few things and then do whatever works for you.
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