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red day before weigh in


Slow but sure....
No, not at all, lots of people prefer to do a red day before WI so you are not on your own, good luck with your WI tomorrow. X


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thats ok then!
thought it was some pointless ritual that i'd adopted lol x
thanks x
Loads of people do, but actually I think a green day might be better. Controversial, but go with me on this. Green days tend to be higher in fibre (if you have wholemeal pasta, wholegrain rice etc) so more fibre = more poo out of your system = lighter! More protein (without enough superfree veg) can lead to getting a bit constipated = heavier.

Maybe ;)
i try and stick to superfree foods the day before a weigh in, dont know why but i eat loads of quorn an 'nuetral' foods on both green and red.


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i know hat you mean hellie.just something in my head tells me pasta or spuds =heavy.
might try green next week and see if it makes a difference.
its strange the things we do to feel lighter(even if its only in our heads)xx


I can do this............
i would normally do a red day before weigh in but today i have done green! I weigh in at 9.30 tomorrow so i will let you know!


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cheers henna.good luck for tomorrow x fingers crossed x


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My mum used to swear by a red day the day before too.


Bring it on!
Think about runners they carb load (green mainly) so they have energy, and i think they weigh more because the carbs hold water? In essence i think it won't matter if you do the same thing each week and i'm fairly sure unless you go crazy with pasta you'd probably be fine anyway :)
I actually do mostly superfree as well...if it's green I choose, I do avoid 'heavy' foods too like pasta and potatoes. Thing is, it all gets digested in the same way!

As Chuffy says, it's more about making sure you do similar things each week.

Good luck!


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now i dont think it matters what ya eat the day before cause takes a few days to get through the system so your actually weighing what you ate a few days ago so for me i have to be good over the weekend cause it will weigh wednesday
To make any real impact to your diet you should change three day before your WI. To be actually honest I don't think it makes massive difference on SW as the loss is suppossed to be 1 to 2 lbs per week. I think that if you haven't had a good poo for a couple of days you should think about that, as this is weight and also uncomfortable.
Light foods before the WI and Super foods day prior is a good suggestion.

Phil x

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