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Red day help please

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by lol90, 19 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. lol90

    lol90 Full Member

    Why do i find red days confusing, can someone please take a look at what i think i can eat and let me know if its ok:
    Breakfast: Porridge with semi skimmed milk, banana, raisins
    lunch: 3 cracked pepper ryvita, 3 light laughing cow, ham and tomato
    tea: diet coke chicken(gorgeous) and savoury rice
    Would this be classed as a red day
    Many thanks for any advice x:rolleyes:
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  3. charliemm

    charliemm Silver Member

    Hi there. Just noticed your post - on red days rice is synned so your day would be a better example of an extra easy day. On red days, potatoes, starchy veg, beans, lentils and pasta etc are all either a healthy extra or synned. Hope that helps.
  4. lol90

    lol90 Full Member

    Thank you so much for your reply, i have done another post for EE help could you possibly take a look at the menu i have put on that one and let me know what you think, would prefer to do red days but find it a bit confusing as to what i should eat free and hex. Many thanks in advance x
  5. Mrsbod

    Mrsbod Full Member

    Remember red days are still allowed, I actually prefer doing them or green days as I didn't do so well trying to get 1/3 super free each meal. Good to try extra easy though, it works brilliantly for so many people
  6. lol90

    lol90 Full Member

    I would much rather do red days as i find pasta tends to bloat me, but i get confused as to what i can eat and healthy extras im allowed on red days, i also find im very rarely full and can just eat and eat, but i pick at wafer thin ham and crabsticks, so if i have boiled eggs on toast (b) with light marg for breakfast(3) and ham
    L: salad with tuna or chicken
    T: chicken. Can i therefore have rice as a hexb or would i have to syn it? I think it would be better for me to stick to EE as then i really only have to count syned stuff. X
  7. MrsRees

    MrsRees Gold Member

    Hi :)

    You can't have rice as HExB on Red as it doesn't have enough fibre and it's quite high to syn it! I think it's about 6 syns per 100g on Red.

    Hope that helps x
  8. lol90

    lol90 Full Member

    Thanks for your reply sam, but on red days can you have 227g potato and so much pasta and im sure you can have so much rice as well on a red day or am i wrong? X
  9. MrsRees

    MrsRees Gold Member

    Nope, no rice sadly :( EE or Green if you want rice without hefty syns :)

    To be a HExB there has to be a certain % of fibre of something and rice doesn't meet it .. sadly! I do loads of red days and I'd love rice to be a HExB!! x
  10. lol90

    lol90 Full Member

    Thank you for your replies sam, could you let me know what you would have on red days as i want to do more red instead of all EE but clearly i get bit confused what i can have. Many thanks in advance sam for your help. X

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