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Lover of Extra Easy
I only do EE as I like my carbs a lot but also love lots of meat.
EE works best for me as I can have both.
Doing the EE will ensure that I stay on longer, forever I hope, as I am don't feel like I am missing anything.
When I did SW previously before EE, I mainly did green with the odd red day when I wanted more meat. Looking back on my old weigh in books, I have actually lost more in the same time doing EE than I ever did doing red and green.


Lover of Extra Easy
Yes, I definitely recommend the EE cook book. We have used it the whole of this week and there are some fantastic recipes there.
This months SW magazine has a whole week of EE meals and they all look good too.
when you say carbs are your downfall, do you mean that you love eating loads of rice, pasta etc? If so, why avoid green? That's exactly what you SHOULD eat on green, so your 'downfall' wouldn't BE a downfall!
I know tht if I eat those sort of carbs I put on weight. I've known thi for a long time, but thought I'd try it built into the SW plan to see if that helped. But no. Any more than 2 days of Green in a week, and I will have gain no matter how good I am. Even one day can reduce it. My body, for whatever reason cannot handle carbs. My Gran was 98 when she died last year, and she always used to nag me that it was starch that added weight, not fat. For me, she was deffo right. Wish it wasn't though, cos it's also my passion.

That's a shame. I seem best on green, but bread really seems to make me put on weight. Even the measley amount that we're allowed for a HexB. I don't buy it a all now. Booo.


I want to be fitter again
I always put on weight on EE. I think it maybe because I eat too much smoked salmon and chicken that might be in the fridge as snacks in between normal size meals, whereas if i do green, I naturally snack on less calorific foods. xx I still don't beleive that eating as much as you like works for me. i still have to do portion control :(


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I've only done EE this time and it works well for me. I used to love green but had terrible weight losses , but always felt hungry on red. Like Sonia I lose faster on EE and the recipe book is out 3 or 4 times a week.

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