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Red v X-Easy

Hi all, I'd really appreciate some pearls of wisdom from any seasoned 'losers' out there please. :wave_cry:
I've been on EE since joining SW at the end of Jan & decided this week to see if a Red day or two would help boost my usual 1/2 or 1lb loss. However, would I generally be correct in thinking that other than a few vegetables, there's very little difference in the two plans :confused: ?
I completed my e-food diary for today & other than leaving some sweetcorn out of my accompanying salad & not have SW chips (which I could have had as my 2nd HEB), I basically had the same meal I'd had one day last week on EE :sigh:
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I did my first RED week of my entire 'sw journey' (which will be a whole 2 years in may- omg how time flys haha) unfortunatly - and it may have somthing to do with me not having much weight to lose anymore- it did not work for me. 1/2 a lb off is not OK when i tried so hard, if id put the same amount of effort into ee i would have had a far better loss, but others fine various plans do them better, its all down to your own body.

Red and EE are very different. no mixing pasta, pots and rice, pulses and beans with lean meats and fish .. all 'green' foods are synned or used as a weighed HEB, .. you have 2 he'as and 2 he'bs rather than one each you have on EE and there are a few vegs that arnt alowed, peas and sweetcorn.. parsnips for example.

I find after EE it took me an entire week to sort my weeks eating in preperation of RED you really have to get creative in order to subsitute having your chips or pasta or what ever with your meaty meal. x
Thanks for that Fern - you're a deffo EE gal then! I haven't really found it difficult on EE as my actual meals weren't my big downfall - it's those pesky syns! If I think back (not that far even) to what I was actually scoffing, it's no wonder the weight was creeping back on. I haven't got a great deal to lose so maybe I should be happy to be a snail & lose the 1/2 or 1lb - at least it's a loss & I can still mix the carbs with protein & plenty of choice of veg.
I think after chatting to my C i came to that conclusion too.. as much as we would all love to see great losses each week, i was looking past the fact i didnt have much to lose, which isnt a curse, many would kill to be in our position. So im back to EE, just enjoying sw again .. throwing myself back into new recipes etc to keep my enthusiasm up, and eventually i'l get there, after being at target for almost 8 months now too, it was difficult to get back into it as a 'looser' again, not to maintain, and i guess the stress i put msyelf under now iv re-vised my target, doesnt help either!!!

Here are some tips i did to get me back on track, and identify my probs.

when i do my food diary, i write breakfast lunch and dinner and the plan is always to stick to what it says so i cant say ' i didnt know what to have an i paniced' because i chose my meals, i bought every ingrediant needed, and if i didnt eat it, it was a choice.

BUT, do another food diary alongside it, so that at the end of the week, you can see what foods you 'added' .. that extra biccy here.. that extra sauce there.. and what time of day you had it. It helped me identify my tuesday night problem ( night b4 WI)

iv also always avoided planning my syns.. thsi way, if all my meals are syn free for example, i have leway should anything unexpected happen, however, if i encorporated them into my meals and my day, and then found the biscuit tin say on a tuesday night, what could have still bin in my syn allowance, wouldnt be.. however this week im trying the 'lower syn' option. Making my own desserts, cutting them into portions i know the syn value of and freezing them, so when i have the syns and i want a dessert, i have somthing, like a 2 syn piece of cheesecake, rather than 5 biscuits at anywhere between 3-6 syns each?

to be honest, once your back in the 'zone' your fine.. i wont lie, after WI on wed for the first time ever, my belief in sw started to waver, but i realised how silly that was, - amazingly enough its easy to forgot how much youv lost somtimes. :eek:


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Fern, what a fabulous post hun. You are such a little inspiration. (I'd rep you but I need to spread the lurve...)

I honestly think there's no plan for a faster weight loss, unless people have a food intolerance then all plans should work.

I vary my days. Red, green and EE all feature in my week and I rarely do a complete week of anything - to me, variety is the key in stopping the boredom.

A pound a week isn't snail's pace either, it's normal. We all want to lose 3 or 4 lb a week but it just isn't like that. Let's embrace each and every half pound we lose and enjoy the food we eat whilst we are losing that weight.
Don't rush it.


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i love Red days as I need to plan them and it reduces my carb intakes - and i get 2 HEB and 2 HEA!

I have a food diary if you want to get some ideas - since swapping to Red days i have lost 6.5 lbs over 3 weigh ins - so it is working well for me personally. On the flipside of this, I do have a lot of weight to lose! x
I'm doing a few red days this week as I do get bloated with Rice and Pasta and also tend to have too much of it. Potatoes I'm ok with and when I crave then 227g as a HeB would be enough for me anyway and any extra as Syns.
I'm looking forward to the 2 B and 2 A's and just something different. A changes is as good as a rest as they say :)

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