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Refeed -Day one

Brekfast..........Orange creme :sigh: (Sickly sweet and thick consistancy)Blah!!!!!!!!!

Lunch............5oz cod fillet (done in microwave with pepper)

Small bowl of mixedsaladwith balsamic vineger.

Yummy Yummy Yummy !!!!!!!!!!

Think I will just have an ordinary lipotrim soup later does that sound ok for day 1 experts ?
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Forgot to say........

I am so stuffed after lunch it is unreal !!!!!!!!!. At this moment I could do without anything else today but id better have my second lipotrim formula later.


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol I read it like that at first too Kered, but re read it!

Yeah this sounds fine chick!!

How good did the food taste?

Hi Chelly..The taste was unbelieveable . I was so full after the meal . I was thinking I might have had too much salad but the flavour of the tomatoes ,peppers, cucumber, lettuce and onion with the balsamic vinegar was amazing. cant wait to have two meals tomorrow. Think I will have tuna and salad for lunch and chicken and veg for dinner. Still want to loose some weight so I will stick to the letter of the law. Think I will change those orange creme s though. will try the berries one in the morning.
Summer fruits

Day 2. Breakfast ... Summer fruits Maintenance formula (Couldnt hack this after a few sips . taste like chewing gum to me )Threw it away and had a bar instead (Iknow for brekfast !!!!) Going to change them back for ordinary strawberry formula today.

Lunch ... 4oz chicken and salad

Dinner ....... Tuna and salad

Looking forward to two meals today . Its very strange though . I am still a bit apprehensive about eating . I realise what people mean now when they say TFR is uncomplicated. No planning .


One last chance
Well done on completing your first day :D.

I started yesterday myself. It's so scary! I know what you mean about the flavours of the veg, it's unreal!

I used to hate raw tomatoes, but they are so lush now!
Hi Yas

Hi Yasmine . How are things with you today . I changed all my maintenance formula sachets for ordinary strawberry lipotrim and bars. I couldnt take the consistancy and the smell of cheap sweeties off them. (I know I am odd:sigh:). I was really bold today and had my lunch out today. I had chicken and tomatoe ,lettuce onion ,peppers on a plate and it was wonderfull . I feel like I am joining the human race again. I feel a bit bloated today but it is TOTM and I cant see any weight gain on the scales . Next WI should tell a lot.


Gold Member
Welcome to the real world of food again hehe.
We are all different in our tastes, I actually loved the summer berry shake, its my favourite - but I always loved cheap chewing gum too lol.
Maintenance formulas

HeHe .... Thats exactly the smell of the berries maintenance drink .. cheap chewing gum. !!!!!!!!. My chemist assures me the bars are fine to use in refeed but as soon as the seven days are up I think I will just change to weetabix or porridge because I find them a bit addictive . I had my dinner last night around 6.30 pm and was craving another one all night !!!!. (Just because they were there!!!)
Day 3

Brekfast : lipotrim maintenance bar

Lunch : 4oz chicken
Salad of lettuce , tomatoes, peppers, onion, cucumber.

Dinner : 1* 8oz baked potatoe (yum)
Turnip, Brocalli
5oz Chicken fillet

2litres water and 4-5 tea with skimmilk
I....cant.....wait!!!! Thursday is day 1 of re-feeding, and my very first meal is gonna be grilled salmon and salad.......drool!
Roll on Thursday !!!!!!!!. I was really scared of eating the first day but its amazing how fast you can get into it again. Trying to really be carefull with portions . I think thats going to be the key for me and keeping away from the sweet stuff but at the moment The flavour of healthy food is georgous. You have done so well on TFR . I know you will enjoy refeed . Happy Days !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Day Four

Brekfast : Lipotrim maintenance bar

Lunch : Turkey 3oz
1 slice of health bread (beautiful brown with lots of seeds)Yum !!!!!)

Dinner : 4 oz spagetti
2 tbsp of lean mince and dolmio sauce (had in small bowl . Yummy)

Bold Bold Bold...... Had another maintenance bar and a ww Yogurt (Like a little binge felt sick after. )

I know now I cant control those bars . Am not getting any more .. too sweet for me .. Hope it doesnt effect my weigh in saturday.


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You should be fine for your WI on Saturday, but I agree, if they are too moreish for you, swap them. I actually prefer a bowl of porridge for brekky than the bars, but I am just using up all my free samples lol
Refeed breakfast????

Hi . I love porridge too but i thought for the first week of refeed you have to have a maintenance product for brekfast (hense the bars !!) . Had strawberry lipotrim this morning . Breda

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