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Refeed - my diet so far...

Hi all

I started refeed on Saturday and plan to do it for 2 weeks while I'm on leave from work then go back to tfr.

Here is what I've eaten so far, Id be grateful for your comments/advice. Ta!

Drinks have been black coffee, herbal tea and water.

1 Lipotrim shake for breakfast
Lipotrim soup for lunch
Dinner 5oz chicken breast with a small salad of lettuce, tomato, celery, beansprout, mushroom, pepper and onion.

Same as above for breakfast
Lunch half tin tuna with salad as above and balsamic vinegar
Dinner as above

Felt really bloated and horrible so had nothing until lunch, then had lipotrim flapjack
Dinner as above - chicken salad

Not had anything yet but will have a choc shake made into a muffin around 11.00am.
Planning on having the same as above for dinner ie chicken salad but...

.. is it ok to have a fat free yoghurt and possibly a small jacket potato?

Does it matter if I only have 1 meal a day as 2 is not really agreeing with me?

When can I have cottage cheese, pasta, noodles etc?

I don't want to go mad, I just think if I don't include all the food groups as I go whenever I do start adding them later they will probably make me bloat!:(


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Back to reality!
Hey hun,
Well done for getting this far!
Do you have a copy of the refeed sheet? Most of your questions are answered on there!
Day 3- Same as Day 2, but you may also have - at one meal only - an 8 ounce potato, plain boiled, mashed or baked, but with no addition of any fat. You may like to top with some skimmed milk, plain yogurt or very low fat fromage frais and a sprinkle of herbs.

Instead of potato, you may have 4ozs of rice or pasta (cooked weight).No bread, grains (rice) or pasta until Day 4

Cottage cheese- Bit of a grey one! As stated above you can have low fat skimmed milk products from day 3, but personally I waited till I finished refeeding.
As for the one meal a day- not something I would really recommend, Do you have maintenance products you could use instead- at least your having something. Also may be worth trying having a small salad with a boiled egg instead of chicken- maybe this would leave you less bloated.
Hope this helps!
T x

Thats fab, really helpful thanks. I did ask my Pharmacist for the refeed sheet but I only got one talking about having high levels of protein etc, nothing about quantities. I did notice the sticky on this forum gives more info on it, but I just wanted to get the advice of people who have done it to be sure. Can I have fat free yoghurt today ?? Thanks again for your help:).
Oh and thanks for suggesting egg - didn't think of that - its a really good idea - would I replace the chicken with 1 egg do you think? Sorry for all the stupid questions!!


Back to reality!
Yes you can! We are here if you need any help!
T x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Hey chicken, just thought i'd share this with you. I made the refeed sheet simpler and ive got it stored on my laptop so have a goose over this :)

Menu looks ok so far, really try to follow it to the letter though. Even if your 2 meals are tiny. And don't skip meals either :)

Refeed Programme

DAY 1.

Have 2 Lipotrim servings and one meal, as follows (men continue to have 2 servings, as before, while women take 1 less serving of Lipotrim).

You may not have bread, grains (rice) or pasta until Day 4.
Fruit should wait until Day 4 at the earliest (later if you have carbohydrate problems).

You may have milk in tea/coffee.

At lunchtime or evening meal time you may have some skinless, boneless chicken breast or white fish fillet, or some skinless turkey (about 4-6ozs.) The fish or chicken may be steamed, microwaved, baked or cooked with a little water in a non-stick pan. Or you may have tuna fish in water or brine (drained). Vegetarians may use tofu or quorn.

You may also have either a moderate serving of salad (small breakfast bowl) from any of the following:
Bean sprouts
Celery dressed with a little lemon juice or wine vinegar
Or if you prefer, a moderate serving (2 heaped table spoons - no more)of some cooked vegetables.


You will have only 1 Lipotrim serving and 2 meals, as described for Day 1.

Day 3

Same as Day 2, but you may also have - at one meal only - an 8 ounce potato, plain boiled, mashed or baked, but with no addition of any fat. You may like to top with some skimmed milk, plain yogurt or very low fat fromage frais and a sprinkle of herbs.

Day 4-7

A Lipotrim serving for your breakfast plus:

Up to 3 serving of fruit (if you suffer from the insulin resistance problem, then eat these late in the day and do not snack on them during the day)

Up to 2 slices of bread or 1 pita or 1 roll or 1 bagel (without fatty spread)

Any vegetables you want except avocado, 1 or 2 servings with your meals (2 tablespoons per serving)

ny of the skimmed milk products.

ish fillet (any size) or 6 ounces of chicken or turkey, as described before, or one tin of tuna in water or brine, drained. Vegetarians may use tofu, textured vegetable protein (TVP) or quorn.

Lean meat with all visible fat trimmed off

Low fat recipes prepared with low fat sauces - e.g. lean mince with low fat bolognese sauce

Medium baking potato or 6 small new potatoes or one serving of instant mashed potatoes (the kind with no added fat- read the label).

Instead of potato, you may have 4ozs of rice or pasta (cooked weight).

Sample menu for days 4 to 7.....

Sample 1

Breakfast: Lipotrim serving.

Lunch: Fish fillet (any type - cod, salmon etc), serving of potatoes ( 1 medium jacket or 6 new potatoes or a serving-spoon mash - no added fat) Yogurt ( low fat).

Diner: 4-6 ozs chicken (no skin), jacket potato, salad. Fruit (if appropriate) or low fat dessert.

Evening: Sandwich (no spread of any sort), consisting of: pickles, fat-free mayonnaise, salad/carrot, slice cold meat (low fat).

Snack 1 or 2 pieces of fruit (evening, if appropriate)

Sample 2

Breakfast: Lipotrim serving

Lunch: Sandwich (no spread) - any low fat filling, e.g. tuna. Bowl of salad. 2 pieces of fruit (if appropriate) or yoghurt.

Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese, consisting of drained lean mince, low fat sauce, 4 ounces cooked spaghetti or rice, serving spoon of vegetables. Low fat dessert.

Snack or Evening: Tub of very low fat fromage frais, flavoured to suit with either slices of fruit or low fat jelly crystals for a sweet option or herbs and spices with added crunchy vegetable, for a savoury snack.
Thanks so much for this Tanya-Jane, its much easier to follow! I have been finding it easier to eat more and at my weigh in today I still managed to lose 2lbs so I am chuffed with that. Thanks so much for your support. xx

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