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Refeed or not refeed????

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I was wondering if any of you have any advice....

I am planning to refeed this week - I have half-heartedly started the last couple of days.. I have had 2 shakes and a chicken salad..
My problem is that i want to buy my weeks worth of LT for the next 5 weeks or so, as i intend coming back in the New Year, but Joe wants to start then too. It is not fair for him not to be able to have a chance seeing as he has supported me doing my bit... I cannot afford £76 for the 2 of us every week, but i have allowed £40 p/w for him to start in January..

Do you think my chemist will let me bulk buy (as such) so that i can do it myself at home? I will obviously not be losing the weight as i have been, and i am worried they might get funny. Should i just be honest with them - they have been really really great so far???

HELP!! lol
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The only way you'll know hun is to ask them. Hopefully they'll let you, I don't see why they wouldn't, but it's best to ask :) xx
Im not sure about this Su, my chemist said they could only sell 7 days at a time incase people get ill during LT and they would need to take them off. Yours may be different hun xxx


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Hi Su, like Daisy says my chemist only let me buy a week at a time so I dont no if its possible however ask sure what can they say no. You dont have that much more to lose and if u stick with it now for the next few weeks 100% u will bring ur weighloss down more giving u less to lose in new year. As for ur hubby I dont no what to say as its really really expensive esp for £76 per week!!!



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Hunny if your refeeding why dont you use the maintenance product instead of the shakes? Alot cheaper, then your OH can do full LT? It seems everyone here have been abole to use LT shakes for refeed and maintaining but my pharmacist says its strictly against the rules, very weird. I dont mind though I love the maintenace bars :)
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I'd get 4 of my friends to sign up and get a weeks worth each if they said no, they dont have to go back so they'd never know! :D

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