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Refeed time!

Hi folks,

Made a very tough decision this weekend. I'm still not sure if it's the right decision but I've made it now. Decided to refeed. I am a firm believer that lipotrim is only right for you if its the right time for you. This was not the right time for me. Maybe sometime in the future will be, but for now, with loads of stuff thats going on with my life at the mo, it aint my time!

So refeed.

Choc Shake
Choc Shake
Tuna salad w/balsamic vinegar

Choc Shake
Prawn Salad w/lemon juice
Stir "fried" chicken (no oil, just water) with green veg and soy sauce

Actually gonna do this a bit backwards. I still have plenty of shakes left over, and during the day at work I am actually too busy to eat anyway - thank god. So I'll do 2 shakes and an evening meal all this week.

I cant tell you how much this has been getting to me. I havent even enjoyed losing the weight like i was. I'd get on the scales and me however many lbs down and not even really get a buzz.

The good thing is I am starting refeed at exactly the same weight as I started refeed in december.

Thanks for all the support guys! Its a tough road this, and a tough decision to make, but i feel like a weight has been lifted which tells me, its the right decsion.


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Ah sl ... gota do whats best for you and your right if your not fully 'into' a tfr then it isnt the right time to do it.

Im in the same prediciment. Not sure whether to refeed or not. I'll see how my weigh in goes tomorrow.

Good luck honey, keep us posted wont cha :)

Breakfast - Choc Shake
Lunch - None (Naughty!)
Dinner - Smoked salmon and salad, with sweet potato and LF fromage frais.

Tea with skimmed milk x 2
Black coffee x 2
Lilt zero x 1 can

I baked muffins last night! my first ever attempt at making muffins. by all accounts they're very nice, havent tried them myself of course, maybe in a few weeks i'll make them again and give them a go! Blueberry & Banana, mmmmm.

feeling fine on refeed. was naughty not to have lunch but work was so hectic i didnt even notice until about 5pm and i was planning to have dinner by half 6 so thought it would be silly to pack in those extra 100ish calories for no reason. figured if i found myself hungry i'd have it at about 9, but didnt get hungry.

oh i hope this works this time. must behave after refeed.




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Looking good sl :)

Ive decided thursday is the day. I still have 1st to be where i was last november when i finished totally but hopefully i can get that off myself :) We have to learn at some point right?! lol x


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Ah Taylor :giggle: Im starting refeed thursday, when are you starting? x


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Defo prepare Taylor.
If you want i can have a look over your refeed plan if you write one up.

Just follow the refeed sheet to the letter and you cant go far wrong.
Just let me know if you want any help with it etc. I can even write one for you if you let me know what foods you like/dislike :)


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Sarahlou

Best of luck to you sweetie.......you have come such a long long way and have done brilliantly. You are right to make the decision....no fun if you are not getting the buzz from losing the weight.

I think you and Tanya are helping me to make my decision. I have started to find it hard - not that I didnt last time around, but the aggitation is happening with my disorder and well, think I need to refeed, but kinda do like you are! I really need to have a good think tonight.

Will be looking forward to hearing how you are getting on Sarah!

Take good care

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Sarahlou, lots of luck with your refeed. You seem to have thought things through very well and have made the decision that is best for you. Watch the portion sizes. I really feel this is where many of us fall down. Less on the plate is lighter on the scales!!! Lots of luck with the next leg of the journey.


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Watch the portion sizes. Less on the plate is lighter on the scales!!! Lots of luck with the next leg of the journey.
Too truuueee!! :cool:

Iris, let us know what you decide.
Im finding it very very hard this time around too!
its so interesting that so many of us are in the same boat this time!! strange hey! Good luck Taylor, defo prepare and stick to it - it really helps!!

Iris, you sound exactly how I was feeling. I was nervous that first timers might read my post and think that quitting is an easy way out, i hope thats not the impression we're giving!!

Thanks irish molly - i am gonna start using the smaller plates I think, even if its a salad I find I still fill the plate/bowl and its a slippery slope!

Breakfast - Choc shake
Lunch - none ... again!!
Dinner - chicken breast, baked in lemon & pepper & salad - whole meal bagel.

Pepsi max @ cinema.

went to the cinema and saw date night - oh my god - laughed out loud thru about 90% of it. go see it!!

right so about these no lunches - anyone object? I'm finding that i'm drinking at least 2litres of water during the day, plus black coffees, plus 1 shake - and i'm keeping sustained. Obviously as soon as i'm not feeling sustained i'll have another, but does anyone think i'm doing any detrimental damage by skipping those 150calories at all? every little helps right?
so - as I said in another post somewhere, i started refeed at 12st 10 exactly. that was sunday morning, its now wednesday and I'm 3.5lbs up!! any thoughts folks, or shall i just get a grip on my head and stop worrying so much!!

what i report here is what i'm eating so its bound to come off again right?! :( xxx


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Hmmmm sl it has only been a few days, not the full 7 days that is reccomended for a refeed so dont take that reading as gospel. It might be that your body has shot up with glycogen stores but then will even itself out after the 7 days.



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Oh forgot to reply re your lunch query..... I don't see the harm in missing it if your not hungry, to me thats sensible but this could explain the gain as you've not done the refeed 'properly'.

Were you doing 2 shakes & 1 meal yeah?
What day did you introduce carbs on then?



No longer a redhead though!
Thanks for this thread SarahLou and I'll be watching with great interest. Actually, scrub that, am going away to Brighton Thursday night for the weekend with my lad - it's his 16th birthday.

I am 2lbs off target this week and decided to do my re-feed to co-incide with my weekend away. Was quite difficult to decide as I am quite happy on TFR and I was wondering whether to continue and drop another stone or half stone... If I'd made that decision I deffo wouldn't be going to Brighton with my lad - so that ended up making the choice really.

It's a little nervewracking eating again but I am also excited about a new diet. I will be taking shakes along with me of course (bought a full weeks supply today) and introducing lunch whilst out and about in the town.

I think I need to do some more reading as going from this thread it could be a tricky road if you don't have the all the meals. I was thinking about having a shake for breakfast, light lunch, and then a shake for the evening!!

Shouldn't be too difficult finding the healthy options in Brighton, but am really looking forward to tofu with salad and balsamic dressing (tofu allowed right?)

Lisa x


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Yer, tofu is allowed.

Be sensible lipolisa ... meals out may look healthy but actually might contain quite a few calories. I'm sure you dont need telling that though!

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