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Refeed tomorrow - there is a plan!

Well, come to the end of my 4 week journey tomorrow on LT. I get weighed in the morning and having lost 25lbs in the first 3 weeks, I'm hoping to cross the 2 stone threshold! I also intend on buying another weeks supply of LT, why? I hear you ask, because I plan on doing the following. I am going down to 1 x shake per day (males only have 2 a day), then have a high protein meal at night (chicken, meat, fish, eggs and dairy, etc). The shakes will last me 2 weeks this time and this way I hope not to gain weight during or after the refeed process. It really has sunk in this time that it is a life changing process, the way I see food and the kind of food I eat. I have always been worried about getting diabeties with the amount of daily sugar I eat, but I have broken that habit now. I am actually really scared of messing it all up, but I am determined to get it right this time and if anything continue to lose weight following a High protein, high fat, low carb diet. High fat? I hear you say, well yes High protein, high fat, healthy fat of course, from meats and dairy, this way my physical performance will not be affected. I have studied this a lot the last 4 weeks and decided it is the route I want to take. After the 2 weeks refeed, I can then start eating eggs, sausage, bacon, meats etc and keep my Carb intake below 60g a day. I think this is similar to the Atkins diet but I will be following my own food plans and not theirs.

So fingers crossed and thanks to everyone who has given me support over the weeks and good luck on your LT journeys, remember weight loss is a mental thing...you can do it!

I'll update my final weigh in tomoz
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Hi Petemar - have you checked out the Paleo diet? My OH is into his fitness training and it has similar elements to what you're saying except he has limited amounts of dairy now. Perhaps that's why he's so slim and I'm not!
Thanks!- will definately check that out now, just been reading the refeed advice on hear as well about how to gradually introduce carbs over the course of a week, in my case two in order to not gain weight with added glycogen stores and water!
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he's really cut down on his carbs and upped his protein - he's not following 'Paleo' to the letter, but adapting it to suit him. He's doing the '10 Peaks' challenge in the Lakes in July so is into running the cliffs at the moment...me, well I'll never be into that sort of thing - the odd jog would be my limit or walking! Let me know how you get on with the refeed x
WOW, thanks for that, just looked it up on the internet and ordered the recipe book. Its just like what I was thinking of doing, and being a man and macho an all that the "caveman diet" sounds great, Lol.

Looks like I will have to check the dairy a little bit though, problem is i'm a sucker for mature cheddar cheese, but all in moderation hey. I have never ate Veg or eggs, but after retraining my taste buds I intend to start. I don't like fried egg but had a little nibble of scrambled and reckon that with cheese or a cheese omlette will be good enough for me to eat. The problem or reason I was big in the first place was because I wouldn't try new foods (a psychological thing) but that is going to change!...got to start eating veg.

Thanks for the info, its a big help, good luck;)
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You're welcome Petemar x

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