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Refeeding Anxiety


I fell short of my 8 weeks TFR so feel guilty and horrible now that I'm eating. This is my 4th day refeeding. I know I've lost just over 2 stone but why can't I see the great thing that is, I just feel useless for not getting to 8 weeks.

I have only allowed myself protein only and do not want to have carbs. I'm finding eating out a nightmare and all my friends are going....oh great you're eating again and it's like, meet for a coffee/lunch etc,

I'm freaking out, I'm still on one or two shakes a day and a small protein and salad lunch/dinner so I know I'm refeeding properly, I nearly have a panic attack at the thoughts of regaining, even fluid.

I just do not want to be trapped in a cycle of yoyo dieting for the rest of my life.....oh god sorry, the panic is overwhelming.:eek:
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Don't feel bad, you can still lose weight on refeed you know?
You say you are refeeding properly but it doesn't seem to tie with what you say you are eating? Are you eating the salad and green veg and if you are on day 4 you should be having a potato today? Also, you should be down to 1 shake a day after day 1?
I know how you feel though. I'm on day 2 and had to have lunch today. It is scary but done properly then weight shouldn't really go back on. My pharmacist said that overall out of all his patients they have a zero weight gain average on refeed week.
You need to eat hun. What you do now is training yourself for the way you are going to eat going forward. Not this week, but going forward, you can have treats, everything in moderation. And you weight may go up, but it also may go down. Allow yourself a window, say 7 pounds and if you did ever put this on then you can look at maintenance to get it back off or even TFR. Or just the good old way of cutting back and exercising.
You need to get over the anxiety, it is not good for you. Maybe it might help to speak to a Sister at the docs? x
Hi lesley,
thank you for the reply. I'm refeeding but I just realised I'm not doing it right and thats why I'm so hungry. I'm anxious of eating cards and losing control but I also know I have to just get a grip of myself, 2st isn't just going to fly back on in one week if I eat a slice of bread.
It's been hard as I haven't been back to the pharmacy yet, my refeed was unscheduled and i didn't have the refeed info with me so I stuck with fish and salad. I was sure how much bread etc I could have.
I will be weighing in on tues so will know more then as to where I am. Also. It's my second time losing weight via TFR and I just don't want to be stuck on a merry go round of battling food. In the last 13 years I have lost and gained 12 stone 5 lbs, This is my last time.
Thanks again,
I'II be grand, it's just a transition I wasn't quiet ready for I guess.
I know exactly where you are coming from x. Had to talk myself into lunch yesterday as didn't want it really but we have to do it properly.
What i keep telling myself is that people don't put on weight from eating, people put on weight from over eating. You can do it :)


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I've gotten over some of the food anxiety but I'm still on one to two shakes a day, depending on what I'm at. I'm finding I've learnt a lot this time around and I've definately become more concious of what I'm eating and more importantly of what I put into my body.
Thanks for the help.

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