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Refeeding today


Positivity is the key
Hi All,
Just started refeed today. Decided to start early as I have not had much energy on TFR and it is really time to start some exercise, needing to tone up now. My vibro plate came on Friday. Haven't used it as they say don't while menstruating, don't know why but thought I would wait until I started back to food to start anyway.

Had a delicious chicken salad tonight and delighted to have eaten it. Boys are really pleased that I am eating a meal. MY eldest lad (7) is fabulous at affirming you in your decisions. He watched me eat and told me it was good to see me do so, we spoke about the photos he took of me earlier and compared them to the ones he took the day I started, he said he didn't remember me like that at all. (By the way there are now photos in my album, be warned the before are not pretty)
He said isn't it amazing that 2 shakes and a flap jack will help you lose so much weight, well you know what to do now if you need to lose some more someday, just have the shakes again.
I told him I would hope those days were over now but out of the mouths of babes eh!!

Had my last TFR weigh in today and lost 4lb which brings me to 14 stone 4 and a half pounds and therefore 6 stone and a half a pound down since May 11th, so not bad going really.
Now in some ways comes the hard work, to keep what I lost off, tone up and lose what I have left to lose. That is the second stage of this really, the ultimate goal for me would be another 2 stone off through weight watchers healthy eating and exercise. Will have to pop onto that forum as well as time goes on to see what tips they have on there.
With all this forum posting, will I even have time to eat!!!!???
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My goodness, how wise is your son?! :)

Glad you enjoyed your chicken and salad! Seems that it take a lot of planning to refeed, but will be worth it.
hi Doirin, wow, congratulations you look fantastic, an insperation to every1!! best of luck on refeed :)
i'm doing the ww type food and sts so happy enough want to lose the last stone too,but will do it slow, i'm enjoying the new me goin out and having so much fun with kids and wii fit
anyway good to hear from you and best of luck again


A little of everything!
Had my last TFR weigh in today and lost 4lb which brings me to 14 stone 4 and a half pounds and therefore 6 stone and a half a pound down since May 11th, so not bad going really.
Are you KIDDING me!?!?! It's AMAZING!!!
And look at you in JEANS!!!

I hope you dopn't mind me saying- but you look an awful lot younger now? I had pictured you now a lot older (kindof like your before pictures) but I was stunned by the difference!
Your son sounds like a wee dote- you're obviously doing a good job there. Theres someone 'up there' very proud I imagine?
You have done amazing. You should be so proud of what you have achieved. My boys too are really encouraging about the weight I have lost, and like yours, I think they miss me 'eating' with them, although I do sit with them when they have their dinner and have my shake too, but it would nice for us to enjoy a 'proper' meal together, looking forward to it.

Your right, the second stage, and I am guessing it is the hardest part of the journey, but you have done so well, I am sure you will do fine on re feed/maintenance. I too have my reservations, I will be joining in this section in a month tomorrow, scary!!!! I will be keeping my eye out how it's going for you!! Good luck.


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Doirin

Oh Refeed!!!!!! I am so pleased for you. You will do it Doirin, you really will, cause you have come so far!

You know all my fears for refeeding, and on holiday the fears were there, but I know I have sorta got things in perspective now and I believe you will be at that stage too. You did a lot of soul searching whilst on TFR and you will now put this into practise.

You will start to appreciate food and that naughty foods dont hold the same appeal as they used to! The feeling of being thinner outweigh that choc cake, etc!

I am looking forward to keeping up with you and seeing how you do.

Good on the plate. I will miss mine now that it has gone, so starting to do the kick boxing, and interval training a little....definitely helps with the toning....but you will so enjoy the ease of the plate...you can do it whilst watching TV...wonderful!!!!!!

I hope you are enjoying your refeed!

Dont forget us all though :)

Take care


Positivity is the key
thanks all for the lovely comments. Elle, Yes I have a wonderfully articulate bright boy, they call him the professor at home. Well I have 3 wonderful boys but that lad is like having another adult around sometimes, although thankfully he is also full of childish wonder and loves nothing more than a good game of soccer with his pals.
The refeed went well again today, except I had tuna tonight which seemed to repeat in me a lot. Started the vibroplate and feel all shook up now, hope to do it twice a day but will build up to it. The shaking is a strange concept, ok but strange.
irish, don't mind you saying I look younger now, I think given the year I had it told a lot on my face, it did age me and now due to losing weight and the nutrients I was getting, coupled with all that water I do look more my age again, so thanks.
Liz, you will be fine when you get to refeed as it will be in your head well ahead of time so you will be thinking of how it will wok way before you start.
Scots, great to see you back, best of luck on the restart, I will be over there I imagine as much as usual so will see you there too.
Mary thank you for your comments, if I can do as well as you I will be well pleased with myself.
Nicolas, hoping to join WW in this next week, so looking forward to the cooking bit again. It's great how the kids are benefitting from our new found energy. Take care.
Thanks again everyone.

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