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reflect and motivate

Hello I've just completed week 2 don't quite know how I've got here but now I'm on that road I'm going to keep going to the end. 15lbs down! I remember on ww a couple of years ago at week 7 I still hadn't managed a stone. I tried ww( 3 times) never quite reached a stone each time. Xenicol which was quite literally crap. Atkins which I love and have had slot of success with in the passed. Diets I've made up like the prawn diet( that's right just prawns) the egg diet, instant mash diet ( there the same as the prawn diet ) are you starting to see a patten. I have never tried any meal replacement diet before and never even thought about it til a colleage at work lost a lot of weight in a very short time on LP and I was straight to the chemist the next day. I was at the gym 2 days before and whilst doing a class ( with wall to wall mirrors I suddenly realized I was the fat one, the one that everyone looks at and thinks oh the fat ones trying hard bless I wanted to stop and cry right there and then. So that's my starting point , my reason and my determination and let's face it you need determination and will power to do this diet .
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It's morning and I always feel The most motivated in the mornings at least with this diet I can get up look in the mirror and see a difference from yesterday.
First day of week 3 here I come
Lol! that's cool;) well done on getting through to week 3 your doing brill. Im just on day 5 and already wanting a good meal hahaha! It's so sad isn't it if we could have food we wouldn't really want anything right now but because we cant it's torture. Well i dream't I had a huge bar of Galaxy last night and wow it tasted very good, even better knowing I hadn't really cheated. That's all I do now is eat in my dreams very sad I know.
Just remember that saying "nothing tastes as good as slim feels".
I've just cheated I had 5 king prawns hopefully won't take me out of ketosis. Was just too tempting my family are eating Chinese and it was king prawn Fu young so I had some only prawns thi didn't touch anything else fingers crossed my guts are Now going crazy
I've just had breakfast and dinner in one shake strawberry and vanilla was yummy I'm soo soo full Now feels like a binge. I have not given into temptation of weighing myself After eating those prawns. Putting on weight would lead to more cheating. I know in the past if I've been dieting if I've not lost or put weight on I give in. I'm just thinking of September when I will be 3 stone lighter and going away on a girly weekend to somewhere hot and I will be wearing a size 12 and feeling really good


Determined to succeed ...
Well done for having a good day and not letting the little blip wreck everything....

Give yourself a pat on the back - you could so easily just kept on eating...

Like your thinking! - that beech, a new bikini etc [September will be here in a flash!]

You go girl!!!
I can hardly believe I'm at the end of week 3 weigh in tomorrow. Weird yesterday was so easy yet today is a stuggle my new saying to family when the bring there half empty plates is eat it or bin it. I dint wNt the temptation
Just been weighed and lost another 5lb. Got two flapjacks if you wanna call em that it will take me all day to eat one they. Kinda expand in your mouth very dry to chew taste isn't to bad
Note to self before embarking on a 20 mile bike ride make sure you've had more than 1 shake and half a flapjack should prevent almost passing out half way
Claire Louise, youre doing fantastically. Im only on Day 2, was on it before but bailed week 3 so give yourself great credit. I feel a bit hypocritical being on here and Im only on Day 2 but I find it very encouraging. I think Im getting addicted to this instead of food but I guess not a bad thing. Anyway, absolute credit to you, I hope I manage to do as well. x
Well obviously I over did it yesterday and nearly passed out at work today I've come home and had a chicken breast I think I may have over burned of my calories not good feeling
hi clair with marley :D:D:D. your doing fab. well done on your weight loss. your right though, dont go on that bike ride until your absolutely used to lipotrim. which, in the 12 weeks i was on it, i never got used to it. when i went to the gym i was knackered, when i was doing the garden i was light headed.

how long you staying on lipo for, or dont you have a time limit. i would advise to take it easy the whole time, or, as you have already done, you will end up starving and eating. then you wont want to weigh yourself, then youll eat a little more, bla bla bla. then lipo is history.

you have done so well up to now. if you need any help or anything, my lipotrim journey is called kerrys diary (day 2). or am on refeed at the mo.

keep up the good work hun, marymcd is also very helpfull. she is my diet buddy, she has been with me from pretty much the very start.

keep going

Thanx 5 I don't really feel any better today very weak and dizzy. I'm planning on staying on lipo for as long as it takes to lose another 3stoneish. I'm didn't find the actual doing of the exercise to bad this time but have suffers since I had the chicken as an alternative to the shake just to see if it made me feel better( and to make my partner feel less concerned) but it's not really made any difference. I hav no intentions of stopping can't wait for the next 8 lb to go then I've lost 2 stone. People arre looking at me and saying have u lost weight? Your face looks thin? I love that !
Well I don't think this week has gone as well as the others I don't think I've been 100% all week just really struggled. So tomorrow is weigh in and also the start if a new week so I'm going to give it my all again
keep going clair. i am back on it now and feel like im struggling, but im only doing it for maximum 5 weeks. just to try and get another couple of stone off maybe.

good luck with the start of a new week hun.

clair-louise love your posts (very funny), will def keep checking in to see how your going. You go girl your doing amazing x

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