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Refresh's Diet Log

This is a restart to an on-going diet journey that i began in June 2008. Some info- Im 24, single parent, partime worker and a serious emotional eater.
I started the diet with many goals in mind mostly for vanity reasons and to be honest that hasnt changed. I want to be thin and pretty and desirable !!

So Half way through June i started at a whopping 19 stone 4lbs and Im 5ft8 so my BMI was a massive 41.2 really disgusting actually and i felt horrid in myself. Basically i was a mess in a size 24 dress.

In the months of september and October Ive been faffing about on and off the Cambridge diet losing and gaining a few lbs and ive desided im not ready to stop.

So now in November im a size 18 weighing 15 stone and have a BMI of 31.2

Im going to continue.

First WI back is Thursday, we will see if ive managed to dent the 4 lbs i put on last week.
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Hi and welcome to minimins. This is the best place to be for help, support and advice. If you have a look at the top, in the big blue band there is a link to tutorials, this will give you all the information you need and lots of help to find your way around the site. There is also a link to the inspirational slideshow, which shows piccies of people who have done a diet, or are on their journey, and shows progress. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, and someone will always be able to help you.

Once again, welcome and good luck with your weight loss journey x x x


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hi and welcome im restarting cd 2day been faffin around like u 4 a couple of months but decided 2day 2 get my bum in gear and really make an effort ... good luck hun :) xx
Reasons To Continue

I want to be pleased by my shape
I want to buy 'normal' clothes
I want my new bf who thinks i look good now to think i look amazing!
I dont want to sweat like a pig when on a night out
I want to be fitter and be more active


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I think you must be strong to have done the fabulous thing of losing four stones in the last few months.

And maybe it'll be easier to carry on being strong if you stick at it firmly. Soonest done, soonest finished!

Big well done on how far you've come and
good luck with this restart

So its the eve of my WI. Im feeling a bit worried and P'd off. i weighed myself at the weekend and i am 3lb heavier now :-( so im pretty unhappy about that, but i guess that what i get for not exercising and having sneaky coke zeros throughout the week .

will have to see how tomorrow goes
Had a few foodie nightmares myself in my time. Hope you got back on track. Its easy done falling off the old diet train sometimes. As long as you can get back in there a blip is just a moment in time. Keep it going you're doing brilliantly.
Thanks janey, i need the positive encouragement.

Im worried again about this weigh in, my morning weight seems to have stuck at the same weight as last thursdays not budging up or down. I just want it to go down even by 1lb.
I don't have access to scales(long story got hubb to hide them). My weigh in is this morning EEEEKKKKKK!!!! have no clue how i've done this week. Try not to worry too much, its always best to get weighed on the "official scales". Plough on with your plan, it will come right.
Me saying try not to worry cause I had a bad week so scared I'm gonna have put on. :)

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