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~~**Rela's Diary**~~


Wannabe Lean!!!
I've been posting for a few days now and have yet to do a diery so thought I'd better sort it out LOL.

My weightloss story so far....

In Dec 2006 after I had my 2nd daughter I decided enough was enough. I was 15st and at 5ft 1"ish I resembled a barrel with legs, all my weight was on tummy and bum and it was causing my already dodgy hips to become painful.

I went on the Dax Moy Elimination Diet and got down to 10st 7lb as of May 2007, then the weightloss stopped. I tried everything but my body was just having none of it anymore.

I coasted along sometimes dropping as low as 10st or going up as high as 11st. When in November 2007 I again had had enough and decided to do Cambridge in a bid to get the weight off. I was 10st 8lb and got down to 9st by Feb 08.

Unfortunately as soon as I let one morsel of naughties past my lips that was it, I was well and truly off the wagon and gorged to make up for the weeks of SS'ing. :rolleyes:

Last week I decided I was finally mentally prepared again to try and lose weight.

Thursday 14th Aug 08:
Weight: 10st 10lbs (150lbs)
BMI: 28.3
Waist: 35.5"
Hips: 41"
Thigh: 22"
Upper Arm: 11.5"

I'm not doing any specific diet this time as I find I try and almost rebel aginst any rules I set myself (how sad eh? :rolleyes:) so I am just having sensible portion sizes, nothing swimming with fat or too high in carbs, and getting as much exercise as I can.
I borrow my friends Labradoodle and go for verrrrrrrrry lonnnnnnnng walks as much as possible and try not to eat after 6pm. Oh and I'm drinking tonnes of water.

So far its working so fingers crossed I'll get it off and keep it off this time :)

Will use this diary to keep track of losses (or gains) and measurements.

Thanks for reading and making me feel so welcome onto your site :D
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Welcome Rela and look forward to watching your weight loss progress over the weeks. How great that you can borrow your friends dog ... bet he/she will enjoy the walks as much as you do!
Hi Rela,
Best of luck with the future - you sound ready for this


Wannabe Lean!!!
Thanks guys, I'll weigh myself and measure again on friday 29th as I'm trying to space my weigh-ins after weighing myself today and sending friend home with my scales LOL

I'll probably spontaneously combust wiyh excitement by then though so will struggle to wait that long, but she is under orders not to bring them back unti next friday. :D


Wannabe Lean!!!
Crikey look at all the spelling mistakes, you can tell I'm tired LOL


Wannabe Lean!!!
Urgh really struggling today. Just want to stuff my face and kids are begging to go to local funfair which is full of doughnuts and chips and candy floss. *sob*


Wannabe Lean!!!
Well I managed not to succumb to bad food yesterday, and I'm off out shortly for a marathon walk with Lola (my friends doggy LOL). Tomorrow is a family party as my husbands brother is emigrating to New Zealand on Wednesday and I know all they will have put out to eat will be...well, I don't need to make us all salivate with possibilities but his folks are traditional and in their 60's so you can imagine what buffet treats there will be.

My strength will be uber-tested tomorrow!!!

I've just had some yummy boiled eggs and wholemeal soldiers and some orange juice so am off out for my exercise.

Hope everyone has a good day. x


Do a little dance!
Hello Again,

I thought the least I could do was bumble over and try and offer you as much support as I can!

I think your idea of not setting a specific diet is a good idea, its the way I'm going too. It's nothing against any actual diet or the people that follow them - but I'm purely thinking on the basis that I find it incredibly hard to stick to a diet and doubt I could maintain on one. I'm all for healthy eating for life, not just diet...

If you happened to have a few naughties at the family do, just don't beat yourself up about it - you can always compensate by taking Lola for an EXTRA long walk. We all eat one too many some times, it's how we get over that that makes the difference between success and constant struggle with ourselves.

Well done on your 7lb so far ... Keep going and soon you'll friend will bring your scales back and you can update the ticker!! :)
Hey Rela.
Just thought I'd drop by and say hi.
Good luck for the party today. Hope it goes well for you. One thing to remember, especially with buffets is to wait at least 20 mins between servings, so don't finish your plate and then run back up there. Secondly try to recreate a healthy meal as best you can. There's usually a salad bowl and some cold meat at a buffet so have a ham salad. Obviously try to avoid the treats, but remember that one or two won't actually kill you. Take three bites then throw it away.
I'm sure you'll do fine!!!



Wannabe Lean!!!
Thanks guys :)

It wasn't too bad actually, there were the typical Pork Pies and tonnes of Pate and Crackers (my faves *sob*) but I resisted and did the cold-cuts and salad thing, and I had sugar free jelly for my pudding :)

Might have had a glass of beer though....oooooops. Never mind its done now, and I'll go for a walk later to burn it off. It was very emotional, my sis-in-law is the only one of my hubs family who is halfway normal LOL so I shall miss her a lot :(

"Just think of the free holidays though" she keeps saying. I shall miss them. :(


Wannabe Lean!!!
Hmmmm....getting concerned as TOTM shouldda started by now and hasn't, why do diets always mess with your cycle? Grrrrrrr. Had 2 pieces of multigrain toast with a thin scrape of marmite this morning and my word it was yummy.
Planning on tuna salad for lunch and chicken & cherry tomato omelette for my dinner.
My friend keeps sending me menacing pictures of my scales wrapped in duct tape since she has kidnapped them which has been highly amusing, so much so I've hardly missed getting on them every morning LOL

Its weigh in friday though (if I see her in time to get them back anyway), and I'll do measurements too as I don't feel I've lost any but my bra is looser and jeans are baggier around my thighs :D


Wannabe Lean!!!
I'm such an emotional eater :( Hubs is being a pain and I just want to raid the biscuit tin :(
Just hit him with the biscuit tin:p


Wannabe Lean!!!
:D fantastic idea!!!! I may well do that if he carries on grrrr!!!
Hmmmm....getting concerned as TOTM shouldda started by now and hasn't, why do diets always mess with your cycle? />
That is what I thought - then I found out Im preggers!! You are doing brilliantly, well done for doing so well with that buffet!!!


Wannabe Lean!!!
Well TOTM has started this morning - the day I am supposed to weigh in. Grrrrrr. I'm all bloated and spotty and feeling urgh :( And last night when I went to bed I felt great LOL

My friend still has my scales so as soon as I get them back I'll weigh in.

Waist: 34.5
Hips: 40
Thigh: 21
Arm: 11

I am happy with those inchlosses in 2 weeks :D


Wannabe Lean!!!
What a nightmare few days :( don't want to go into specifics but its been an emotional rollercoaster since saturday. Things are clearing up a little now so hope to be back in the saddle in a few days. Hope everyone is well. x x
Rela, hope evrything settles down for you soon sweetheart - stay strong


Wannabe Lean!!!
Well, my time away lasted slightly more than a few days didn't it, my head was well and truly pickled. My grandma died and my family typically turned into the vultures they are picking over her estate and belongings.:mad: It has not been fun.

I've started my degree too and am loving it but finding managing that + kids + job + house a teensy bit much! Slowly but surely finding my feet with it all.

I hope everyone is well and doing good. And remembers me! :wave_cry:

I'm on CD now as weight piled back on with all the comfort eating :rolleyes:

Its nice to be back :) x x x

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