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Reluctantly leaving LL...

Hi all

Thanks for all the support.

I have to cut short my LL journey despite not getting anywhere near goal due to a bit of a financial disaster. The fact is I was £10 short at weigh in last night and I have no idea where the next £66 is going to come from. I am desperately trying to sell stuff on ebay but it's not quite covering my full expenses right now. My LLC doesn't take credit cards and I have no more cash until payday on the last day of the month.


I'll probably hang around from time to time...

Take care all...:wave_cry:
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Hi Sandra so sorry about the money probs. Have you considered doing Cambridge diet , it is a lot cheaper and essentially the same thing, minus the group therapy. If you are under 5 foot 8 inches tall it would be less than £40 depending on if you have bars and tetras or just packs. Also they do plans where you just have 2 packs and a calories counted meal which would reduce your costs even further.
Do go to the web site and have a look, be a shame to give up now.
Unfortunately there is no money for any of these things at the moment - I have no cash until the end of the month - doesn't matter which diet is suggested. And TBH, if I start eating, I wont be going back onto an abstinence programme when I do have money in the account.

I'm going to do South Beach and see how that goes. I know it's low carb so will hopefully fit in with what I've been doing. And I can buy groceries on the credit card in the meantime...


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Know how you feel Sandra...it's a horrible problem :(


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I to can sympathise, its a case of burying my head in the sand, stupid I know.

keep posting sarah xx


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oops sorry sandra xx


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i do not want to be responsible for making you spend money you dont have - - but you say your LLC wont take credit cards which to me implies you were happy to pay that way - - so can you not use your cc to get cash from the hole in the wall?

if i have misunderstood i apologise

good luck with whatever you do and i hope the lbs continue to fall off and the £s fall upon you!


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S: 12st7.0lb C: 11st5.0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 1st2lb(9.14%)
Hi slushy,

I think the charge for taking cash from your cc is high.

Hi Sandra - So sorry to read about your money problems, do try to remain positive. You've done so well in your weight loss so far proving that you have the will power and conviction to lose weight. Going on the South Beach diet sounds like a good idea. You're almost half way to your goal and I know that you'll achieve it no matter what route you take! Best of luck!

Sue xox
Oh man, I am sorry to hear that. Money problems stinks! I know how you feel.

I hope that things improve for you soon. I don't know much about South Beach diet, will have to check it out. I think buying low GI food might be a good idea to start with?

Good luck!
Hi Sandra,
If my LLC didn't take credit cards, I wouldn't have even been able to start on this program, there is no way I could find cash every week. Could you not find another LLC in your area that does do credit cards. I am amazed that yours doesn't in this day and age.
I do hope you manage to continue, but all the very best with whatever you choose.


Hi Sandra

Sorry that money is the reason you have to step out of LL. Take some of the positive messages you have learned with you and as some have already said - stick to low carb and healthy choices.

Have a look on google for "the ketogenic diet" - added information may help. Also there are some good low-carb information sites.

Keep posting and let us know how you are getting on.

Daisydee x:)
Hi Sandra,

I am sorry to hear that your leaving, I am having the same problem, finding LL v. expensive and although I have gained immensely from LL I am having great difficulty trying to find the cash for it every week... I might have to do the same thing as you soon if the money situation doesn't improve.

take care and I hope you continue posting.



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I too can understand your problems - I have been paying for LL for months by withdrawing cash on my credit card and it is almost up to its limit, not sure what I am going to do when it is but will possibly be joining you.

Will miss you. Please PM me and let me know how you are getting on.
So sorry U R leaving hope things get better financially and U come back to us
Dear Sandra

I was sorry to hear that you are leaving LL. Maybe the enforced financial belt tightening will help you have some space from it all. You never know, absence may make the abstinence heart grow fonder. I'll make sure I check your blog but hope you'll still stay in touch.

Thinking of you and wishing you much luck and goodwill for the next part of your journey - individually and with your man.

Take care.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Snap! I'm in the same boat too. Borrowed some money from my mortgage - well, no I didn't - I took a payment break to pay for Foundation, and then borrowed some money off a credit card to pay for Management but unfortunately that money is unavoidably needed for something else, so the cupboard is bare as far as LL is concerned. Thankfully I do have lots of leftover packs to keep me going x 2 per day + 2 healthy meals. Good luck to you

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