Remind me why I'm doing this!


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I'm getting bored with this now, my motivation seems to be getting less the closer I get to goal.

It's probably a number of things: feeling and looking good (so why do I need to carry on dieting), 10 days away from going into RTM (so close and yet so far), Christmas coming up...I just want to eat again!

I thought I'd feel better this morning, but maybe the coffee hasn't kicked in yet. I'm feeling tired and demotivated which is unlike me and I want to sleep all of the time. I don't have any intention of eating, but I don't like feeling like this. :cry:

Monday morning blues folks, sorry but you guys are great and I just know that you'll understand.
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Completely understand Rae, I have the same feelings quite regularly.

I just want to get food back into my life and manage it. I think I'm just starting to feel like I'm not dealing with my eating issues head to head. That probably sounds daft!

No intention to eat, like you, but the feeling of motivation is sometimes lacking. You're not alone!

We WILL do this - stick to it and the results will be worth it in the end :D



10 days away from going into RTM (so close and yet so far), Christmas coming up...
Don't look at what's left to go, look at how far you've come instead :)
You've been on LL for (according to your sig) 11 weeks.
Thats 77 days so far! Thats 110,880 minutes without food! :eek:..... so what's another 10 days? :cool:

feeling and looking good (so why do I need to carry on dieting)
It's great that you're feeling great about yourself now - how much better will you feel when you reach your goal! When you get to the end, the point you have been working towards for so long, and done so well to almost reach........ stopping now would be like giving up at the last hurdle in a 500m race!

You can do it, we all can do it - just remember the saying that I've noticed getting more common around here;


Hope your Blues go away soon :)


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Totally know where you are coming from Rae. I'm 10 days off RTM too and have mixed emotions. Part of me thinks enough is enough but i'm also scared.

I think my body is starting to tell me also that I need to return to eating. It wont be long now. Stick with it and we'll see ourselves return to the land of food together!!!!