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Removing temptations...


Happiest Girl :D
Not at all, I asked my SO but he bought a load of stuff in that I loved!! :mad:

Just ask that for the first few weeks they try to help you out, it will get easier once you hit your stride, good luck :)


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We don't have any foods that would tempt me in the house, and my DH only has meals that I don't like so I won't be tempted. If he does have chocolate (my biggest temptation) he buys it at work and eats it there.
That's really good of him Trisha. You're right coral, I even though I've just done the first two days and don't want to speak too early, I don't seem to be craving much at the moment.


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My fiancee is very understanding and would not even think of getting the things I love in, my lodger, not so good. I spent one evening last week almost crying in my bedroom to avoid the smell and temptation. I think it really helps to put it to them (in terms they will understand) just how hard this diet is.


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Hi there, I still do the food shopping for the family, but I do it online and try to buy the things my OH and kids really like but that I'm not keen on.

OH has also been good at cooking meals in advance for himself and the kids like casseroles or chilli so I only have to reheat them and do a bit of rice or pasta. The hardest thing I have had was walking back into the house when I took my son to swim club and OH had dinner well underway by the time we got back. I nearly had to leave again because it smelt so good.

Otherwise it's not been too bad. I've even managed to have "lunch" with a friend, only having red bush tea and fizzy water myself while she tucked into a hearty soup and bread with A glass of wine and a latte to follow. I'm going over to a friend's tonight for a girly get-together and I know there will be lots of temptations, but I just need to stay strong and focussed.

C x
Clazzac, that's impressive you actually cook! I think I'd cry!!

In March I had loads of friends over for a Lasange that my partner cook, while I had a Tomato Soup sachet :) Was quite tasty actually.


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I wouldn't say it was real cooking, but I can't deny it would be easier not to have to do it at all.

I managed to survive last night on a couple of glasses of fizzy water without even wavering over a glass of wine and pretended the nibbles weren't there. So feeling v smug today.

C x
Well done! The nibbles are very tempting at times

Just a quick follow up, my girlfriend not only has removed any temptations, she's actually been making 90% of my shakes for me!! It's making things a lot easier. Should get her a box of chocolates to say thanks, lol, perhaps not...lol


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Ahhh, bless her, that's really nice of her. How about flowers instead of choccies, just make sure they're not edible ones ;)

C x

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