Renting a house? Anyone work for lettings?


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Does anyone know what happens if you were to fail a credit check when renting a house? Apart from having a guarantor (Sp? sorry!) could they just refuse you or ask for a bigger deposit?
Hi It deoends which check you fail on? its normally at the discretion of the agent or landlord. You can offer a bigger deposit? its worth bargaining with? All they check though is that you've paid out that amount from your bank regularly and can afford the monthly payment. THey don't normally go any deeper.Its not the same as a credit check for banks, cards mortgages. You should be fine :)
Hi Lizzie's right,

The credit check isnt very thorough at all.

My credit is appaling for some reason, cant even get a capital one cedit card or contract mobile phone, but iv never had any problem with estate agents checks.
Thank you so much for the replies, very reassuring, Our credit isn't too bad now, but was horrendous a few years back! Have managed to get enough for 6 months deposit just in case but would love to use this for other things rather than rent!!

Will let you know how we get on, only just sold our house, so will be a few weeks yet!
Hey, you've nothing to worry about ! they look back a year at most, if your credit was bad over 2 years ago then you're fine. I was a bit worried too when getting our mortgage as mine was bad years ago, but no problems at all.:)
Good Luck!
They never do credit checks to rent a gaff in Dublin...

I've never heard of it.

Move to Dublin :) :)

Thanks again, i have had mixed reviews from letting agencies some say they are really strict and if you fail any part of the credit check you have to pay your 6 months in advance!!

Others have just said bank and work references are just as good!! Along with a deposit obviously!