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reps and rest time ?


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Just a looking for a few ideas just started training/weight loss again and part of that is going to be hard work in the gym. Lots of cardio which i can sort out myself I have a fair bit of wieght training experince but its all been strenth training in the past. this time and as i get older :mad: I want to focus more on weight loss/toning and possibly some muscle gain though not important as will focus on strenth work after i get near to my goal. I was thinking of hitting the major muscle groups with possibly 1 exercise with switching between free and machine weights but what would be a good ammount of reps and sets to aim for and what rest time between sets ? any advince much appricated :wave_cry:
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Hello there! I'm new to weights but as an amateur I've picked up on 3 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 reps with about 30 secs to 1 minute between sets. I enjoy listening to 'motivation to move' podcasts by Scott Smith (available via iTunes) where there's quite a bit of useful fitness and workout info.
I hope this answers to some extent.


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I generally do the standard 3 sets of 12 reps, but I take very short rests in between sets and then in between machines/weights, to get a bit of a cardio benefit. I do my weights after my cardio.
If your really fit try a whole body circuit using weights, free weights or machines these hurt!

Alternate body parts so your using upper then lower then upper then lower, so say start with bench press 15 reps upwards but not a really heavey weight. As soon as the bars sits in it resting hooks go squat for about the same reps and same feeling weight.

Then a short rest of say 30 - 45 sec then lat pull downs or chins wide grip followed by deadlifts, and so on. I recomemnd the big movements at the start finishing with small muscles like calves then biceps.

The way this works is the weights are now cardio too, your heart has to supply the muscles with blood which is carrying oxygen. Because large groups are used and the blood has to be pumped from one end of the body to other the effect is well ... try it!

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