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Just been watching 'Galapagos'. I would love to visit here one day, what an amazing place! I just LOVE the giant tortoises! I have 3 myself, just the usual spur thighed med tortoises, as found many years ago in lots of gardens, when they cost £1 in the local pet shops. Thank goodness they are now protected from being imported!

Any other reptile lovers out there??
I have kept lizards since I was 18. I'm 33 now and my last remaining lizard I have had for the past 14 years :)

He is a berber skink called blossum, my mum used to have a female and they actually bred and we be came grandparents. :D
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I love reptiles and amphibians too.

I have a baby hermann's tortoise called Fifi, a blue tounged skink named Sullivan (she is mega agressive though, only I can handle her), and a white's tree frog named Beau, who is a total sweetheart, my little darling, she changes colour with her moods. :)

I also keep giant snails, which I find completely graceful and beautiful.
Ever since i was little and my mam and dad took me to this animal place which had iguanas ive loved them.. never had one.. but i would deffo when im older.. they used to have two iguanas called wallace and gromit..
so cute.. i love how their skin feels and everything..

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i have a hermans tortoise called stupid! had him for 3 years now and we all love him... he just wanders about all day if im in the house..
We have three Crested Geckos called Sid, Kurt and Titch - don't know whether they are boys or girls yet as they are still young. They are the cutest little things!

Reptiles are cool!!!

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My brother has got a bearded dragon called Archie and a fire salamander called Syd x
fellow lizard lover


Ive got two bearded dragons at home - used to have three but the male died a year ago. They're called Rita and Sue (male was Bob!)

I watched 'Life in cold blood' last night and though it was great. Poor lonesome George! Wish I could take him home.


we've just got a Hermann's tortoise,

a bit of an accident really, we were given one that was about 2 1/2 years old, he was tiny (weighed 27g when he died and 25g when bought 18 months earlier) and hardly moved or ate or anything. I was worried the move had upset him but was told he's always like that. 4 days later he died!!!!

I didn't know how to tell my little boy so we went out and bought a replacement, he was the same size (26g) and under 1 year old. He dashes around all the time and messes about in his water and eats for England. The one we were given was obviously very poorly and I no longer feel guilt it was something we did.

If anyone has any tips or anything they'd be greatly received, we've only had the new one 6 days. we feed him lettuce, dandelions, tomato and grapes.

He's always falling back in the water, fortunately when we are around, can they get themselves back up?

He's a great addition to our family, I can't wait for the warm weather so he can go out in the garden!