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Reputation comments?


Ok, so I logged on t'other day and was changing my mood to one that was miserable as sin lol! and noticed that it said I had a rep comment...

Went to read it, wondering what on earth it was, but found a very nice comment, no details of whom it's from?

Anyways, thought 'that's lovely' kept my mood from needing to be a smiley that's 'totally down in the dumps'!!

Logged on again tonight and there's another :D

Now I'm not saying I don't mind people saying nice things about me (hey, I'm after all the niceties in life!)... but I have a few questions...

(I've checked back on some of the tutorials and think I've got it straight but just to check...)

1. Can I not find out who has posted? Is it just the originator of the post I was answering or can anyone give me a rep comment for any post I do?

2. Why would someone leave a rep comment without an actual comment, is it like a nice gesture to just leave an indication? Sorry don't know how to word this...

3. Is this something you all do? Must admit it's kinda freaked me out what with not being used to it lol! Keep thinking everything I write is being scrutinised (which I hope to god it isn't!!!!) :D

Thanks for any clarification, and sorry for being a dunce!!! :eek:

and thanks for my rep comments so far:D... I feel all warm and fuzzy!:eek:

tinks x
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This should explain it more for you :)

Some people do put little comments in when they leave a rep power some dont, but you can always see which post youre being thanked for - just not whos thanked you :)

I think theyre always nice to get, I love seeing Ive got a new one :giggle: So enjoy them when you get them ;)


Silver Member

I only just worked them out myself !! Got very confused initially when I clicked on it and couldn't see comments :eek:

I believe anyone can leave one - I've left ones for people on various threads. It comes up with a box in which you can leave a comment if you wish.

I generally do, but most of mine haven't had them.

Enjoy posting :)

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