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requesting tests?

You can request them - but if the GP doesn't think it's strictly necessary, he might conceivably charge you for them.

I would think it was unlikely, since you've had appointments at which your weight was the concern, but it's just possible.

It wouldn't be much, though, even if they did charge.


Just doing it this time
I requested my doc to do bloods for diabetes and cholesterol................before I started losing weight - didn't really expect anything to be wrong (I'm 54) just wanted to know that everything was OK.

My cholesterol was 7. something - really high - and he just sent me away with food charts and told me to follow them - they didn't get round to doing the diabetes tests - then 12 months later, I changed address and doctor and mentioned at my new appointment check that my cholesterol was high 12 months before - they did checks again - cholesterol had come down to 6.2 (not really that much better) and I was at 6 (I think) for diabetes and doctor said I could be prediabetic - sent me for fasting gloucose tolerance tests - the nurse there said I had nothing to worry about as it wasn't high enough to be pre-diabetic??? - but whilst I was waiting for the tolerance test I started Slimming World and had lost 10lb's.

The test had come down to 5 (don't know about my cholesterol) - lloyds pharmacy do do the test for free I believe.

My birthday in January and I am going to ask the doc for another cholesterol test to see if things have become better.

sorry this is such a long post.
To be honest I am amazed they didn't already test for it/them!

I was even given satins for my liver on the assumption I was fat so must be a drinker! - BP was high and I was diabetic - eventually was so far out of control (after a 11 night hospital stay) I needed insulin.

It was also "assumed" my cholestrol would be too high etc. - they all tend to be linked with obesity.

Did you get referred to SW without any tests at all?

yes, no tests at all.. but to be fair I went in to ask to be refered as my aunt had been and why pay for it if you can get it for free?

I think I'll make an apointment as ask if I need / should / could be sent for whatever tests they think I should have...

dad had to have some a couple of weeks ago as his potassium was high..
Better safe than sorry! - besides, it will be a great boost if you have good BP, bloods etc.

I can't believe I never thought about being referred for free SW lol. Having said that, I'm determined not to waste my money - not a bad thing:)

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