Resisting temptation - it's worth it!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by DisneyParis, 20 November 2010 Social URL.

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    Pleased with how today went - took my 14 y o daughter to get her hair cut and do some Christmas shopping, had thought about taking her out for lunch to a really good restaurant l was given gift vouchers at my birthday for, but resisted the temptation of that and took her to Cafe Nero instead, where l had a green tea and half a CD bar while she had lunch. I figured we'll go out for lunch with those vouchers in a couple of months or so once l'm at goal and maintaining and l'll enjoy lunch much more then and won't feel guilty afterwards.

    We also went to Beanscene cafe on the way home (shopping is hard work :D) where my daughter had a delicious looking milkshake and l had a diet coke, not sure if diet coke is ok on CD, does anyone know if it affects ketosis?

    I know me resisting temptation won't have helped me lose extra lbs, but l know if l had given in all my effort all week would have been wasted.
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  3. determinator

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    well done , use those vouchers as a celebration when you are at goal :)

    diet coke contains citric acid ( or something ) so not recommended , although coke zero does not and is ok on ocassion :) :4633:
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    ermm sorry not sure where the grave digging smiley came from :eek:
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    Well done you on resisting temptation!

    As Determinator says, Diet Coke is to be avoided in the main cos of the citric acid in it - it's thought to interfere with the Kreb's cycle and ketosis, but no one's really all that sure how or why, and some people are more sensitive to citric acid than others which is why Cambridge took the decision to take fizzy diet drinks out of the plan a few years ago.

    Coke Zero has phosphoric acid in it, rather than citric acid (if I'm remembering rightly) but again, strictly speaking, isn't on the allowed drinks list. But if you're out and about, Coke Zero is a better choice than Diet Coke if you can get it.

    Though even a Diet Coke every once in a while really won't doing any lasting harm (so long as you resist the munchies if you get 'em) and is definitely better than getting stuck into a milkshake. :D
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  6. DisneyParis

    DisneyParis An Attitude of Gratitude

    Thanks Determinator and Lily.

    LOL. That really did make me smile. Thanks. :)
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