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Restart after surgery

Sorry for the late reply, only just noticed this! just under 6 weeks ago and my cdc has told me I can't go on sole source until I'm 3 months post op which is killing me at the moment as I'm on the 1200 plan and really struggling as I need the ketosis to keep me on the straight and narrow!!

Hope this is of some help :0)



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Thanks for the reply. I take it that you can use CD on a higher plan then. I wish I had just had a tummy tuck instead of my gallbladder removed!!! I know what you mean about ketosis! I wonder what harm it would do to go on SS or even SS+.


A pound at a time
Wilma, maybe you can try to start reducing your carbs until you can get back on SS. That way your first few days wont be so hard and you might lose some weight before then.
I believe I'm your 3 month informant on the other thread hun! I had my gallbladder out as well and if you really need to be sure what I'm saying is true ask your CDC to call CD to ask their official line.;)
I wonder what harm it would do to go on SS or even SS+.
It can potentially do a lot of harm as it takes your cells up to 3 months to heal properly. Is this really worth risking your long term health over?
I believe you can do 1500 plan but that's it!


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Thanks for the reply Kelly

You are certainly right - my health is very important. I am just keen to get losing weight again and I am worried about putting more on!

I have read the contraindications section of CD and you are right - it says 3 month clear from any surgery to be accepted on the diet. I will just have to try and avoid eating everything in sight using the 'I'm recovering' excuse!!

Hope you are doing well - I remember your name from last year.



Mad as a Hatter
Don't worry Wilma - the time will fly, hopefully !! and you will be back on the plan...

Sunday can't come quick enough for me and then I can start SS for real, just got to get this birthday party out of the way on Saturday first !!! Bummer !!

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