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Restart again

Thanks Emmapetty- are you new on here?


Going for Goal!
kind of yeah. I did the diet 2 years ago, but re-started yesterday.

I've got 8 stone to loose - how about you? x x x
I've been on here since January- but have been blipping in past weeks. Have got around 30lbs to lose but I am finding the less I have to lose, the harder it is to motivate myself as people say I look fine (even though the doctor still says I'm overweight) This is why I need the help from here x

Red Mich

Likes to read
me too

HiMe too.I lost a lot in 5 weeks at the beginning of the year and then my dad had heart bypass surgery that got complicated..... stopped diet for bit.Dad now well on road to recovery and have now restarted - today!Seeing my CDC tomorrow for 2 weeks' worth of packs. Would like to lose half a stone in a fortnight as going to brother in law's wedding in Spain at the end of the month.My original motivation was to be thin and forty in November - so i'm more than halfway there.I'm with you - the support on here is great.Mich x
That's Great- we can all do this together x
Hi Guys

Can I join you re-starters please?
I did SS end of Feb but had to stop due to toilet problems!!!! I have now been on my psyllium husks for a while and hopefully won't experience the same problems I had before!

Its my birthday on Saturday and I was due to be going out with my hubby and kids for a lovely meal but I have just asked him if we can postpone for a while, but I can feel myself weakening already!!!
I drink far too much alcohol and this is the main reason I am over weight can I really get through this week end still on SS........HELP!!!!! I really, really need some encouragement.
By the way today is my first day
Hi Caroline, we can support each other. You can get through this weekend- if you crack before then you will be at the same point next week and it just turns in to a vicious circle. How much have you got to lose? Just think when you hit your target you can treat yourself to a slice of belated birthday cake or a small glass of wine. It's not that far away...

You can make some Jelly out of the water flavourings and freeze a tetra on saturday- that way you get jelly and ice cream which is very nice but still CD 100%.
Brilliant! I'm doing ok so far- it's the evenings that usually do it for me! When I get home from work I'm going to have a mint chocolate shake, a lavender bath, watch eastenders and hit the sack! Sounds easy!lol x
lets go go go!!!

Hi i'm restarting too. had a mini restart and fell off the wagon for my 30th bday! No back on it with avengence... I have approx 40 pounds to lose... and i want to start exercising again. So i'm with u hun all motivating vibes passing through this message
motivating vibes from message received!lol

How is everyone doing this morning? x


Going for Goal!
Hi guys - I had a headache from hell last night, but this morning I feel pretty good! :)

Not sure if that means ketosis, but i deserve it after that bloody headache, twas a killer, my god!

Anyone else experienced headaches? I hope not x x x
Thanks Crazylilblonde, I hope I do as well as you have- can't wait to be 9lbs from target!

Emmapetty- I usually get the headache on Day3 so I will let you know how it goes tomorrow. I think when that happens we should drink more water and have a pain killer! xx

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